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Celebrate Valentine’s Day With Café Coffee Day’s ‘Flavours Of Romance’ Menu


“A lot can happen over coffee” is popular Indian coffee chain, Cafe Coffee Day’s catchphrase. Perhaps it’s the place you chose to tell your friend you were interested in them romantically. Perhaps it’s where you and your sweetheart enjoyed your first date. This Valentine’s Day, CCD has put together a new menu to help you create some more special memories. 

Flavours Of Romance 

The special CCD ‘Flavours of Romance’ menu features ingredients typically associated with romance like strawberries, red velvet and cranberries. 

The menu therefore features two frappes; the Berry Cookie Frappe with strawberry ice cream, Oreo cookies and red velvet sauce and the Red velvet frappe. Another beverage to look out for is the Cranberry Latte, made by topping flavoured coffee with cream, cranberries and cocoa. 

Sweet tooths will enjoy two romantic sundaes – the Valentine Velvet Sundae and the Velvet Berry Sundae made by topping scoops of strawberry ice cream with red velvet sauce, Oreo cookies, whipped cream and dried cranberries.

Finally, you can share the double layered sponged Cake Love with your significant other which is frosted with creamy vanilla cocoa mousse, with crunchy sprinkles on the side topped with a red mirror glaze, and two sweet hearts. 

Sounds delicious, does it not? So, be sure to stop by CCD on your food trail this Valentine’s Day.