Celebrate The Onset Of Strawberry Season With These Strawberry Recipes

At yesterday’s weekly market, I was delighted to find strawberries gracing each fruit and vegetable stall. We bought boxes, headed home and proceeded to stuff ourselves with the red juicy fruits, thanking the heavens that the strawberry season was once again upon us. We’ll be using the rest of the strawberries for these recipes. What about you?

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Popsicles


Made out of fresh strawberries and dipped into chocolate, these popsicles are incredibly cooling and refreshing!

Strawberry Pie


A zesty pie that is the perfect dessert.

Strawberry Cake


If you’re looking to indulge your sweet tooth make this soft cake.

Strawberry Smoothie


Use this cool smoothie to kick start your morning!

Strawberry Lemonade Ice Tea


Here’s another cool drink to down on a picnic.

Strawberry Tart


Delicious, fresh tarts made from scratch and topped with fresh strawberry slices.

Strawberry Mousse


This recipe combines cream cheese, whipping cream, jam and fresh strawberries to make a decadent, creamy mousse.

Strawberry Ice Cream


Cool down with this easy sugar free ice cream from Tarla Dalal.