Celebrate The Blossoming Season With An Intricate Floral Menu At Hakkasan

Inspired by the blooming flowers in this season, Hakkasan’s Expat Head Chef Raymond Wong has curated a floral menu. This Bloom Menu will be presented to the guests as they sit surrounded with blooming installations draped over the wooden lattice design. This special menu features traditional Cantonese food like the  dim sum, stir fry and main course dishes alongside a special Bloom cocktail. So let’s find out what’s in store before heading down to the restaurant.

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Amongst the plethora of dimsums being served at Hakkasan, one can also relish Roasted duck and cucumber puff which appears green due to the chive juice. The filling of this dimsum is of tender peppery duck meat and cucumber. The blossoming factor? Its delicate striations blossom and open up when cooked. Next on the menu is the Chive flower and mushroom dumpling which would be served in the shape of a flower. This dimsum is packed with earthy flavours of shitake and shimeji mushrooms with chive flower.

Celebrate The Blossoming Season With An Intricate Floral Menu At Hakkasan

There are serious eats too in this limited edition menu at Hakkasan. These include Stir-fry aloe vera and chive flower, Crispy squid and jackfruit as well as Sandalwood and jasmine smoked chicken. One can relish these with their Five style wild rice and a refreshing Strawberry Xiantao cocktail. The drink is a lovely concoction of Monkey 47 gin, Italian lemon, strawberry and champagne tea homemade syrup, lemongrass, egg white foam.

So head to Hakkasan and relish the summery, Cantonese flavours with a delicate floral theme running through it all.