Starbucks Celebrates Summer With The Alphonso Mango Frappuccino

Summer is here and mangoes are now the star of everyone’s dining tables and desserts. If you’ve eaten a good few kilos of fresh, raw mangoes and are now worrying about how to elevate your mango experience, we’ve got the perfect drink for you; the Starbucks Alphonso Mango Frappuccino.

Mango Mania

The Alphonso Mango Frappuccino is a seasonal Starbucks drink that rears its head every summer. It was created especially for mango lovers in India; it’s a combination of Alphonso Mango, milk, ice and an indulgent whipped cream topping. Take a look at a Starbucks TCV celebrating mangoes and the Frappuccino below:

Excited? Starbucks has also added two limited edition mango desserts to their menu; the mango mousse cake and the mango parfait. These limited edition treats will be able at Starbucks stores across India from May 5th to May 30th.


The Starbucks Summer

Along with the mango treats, Starbucks has added a new Roasted Marshmallow S’Mores Frappuccino to its menu as well as several initiatives to celebrate summer.

The Roasted Marshmallow S’Mores Frappuccino takes inspiration from the taste of roasted marshmallows wrapped in chocolate, sandwiches between graham crackers – an American summer classic.


Additionally, the coffee chain has launched ‘funventures’, a collection of activities across Starbucks stores that customers can participate in. After getting themselves a funventures card, customers receive rewards every time they buy a Frappuccino. As a part of funventures, there will be games like competing in a stare off with Starbucks partners or naming five beverages from the Starbucks menu in thirty seconds (with your eyes closed, of course). Success in these challenges could win customers Starbucks preloaded cards, beverages and merchandise.

Through summer, customers can also enjoy Happy Hours between 7-9 pm from Monday to Thursday where, after buying one drink, they get 40% off the second. The Starbucks Treat Receipt is also back; every Friday to Sunday, a customer can present partners with a Starbucks receipt from earlier in the day and avail a 40% off their second drink. Here are some fun videos featuring Starbucks’ Happy Hours.

Commenting on the Starbucks‘ summer initiatives, Manmeet Vohra, the Director of Marketing and Category at Tata Starbucks Private Limited said “, “At Starbucks, our aim is to encourage our customers to ignite the summer spirit through our offerings which are seasonally relevant and emotionally evocative. Being the unique third place, we are looking forward to creating moments of connections with our customers by sparking the spirit of fun and adventure through our Frappuccino flavours, Happy Hours and Starbucks funventures.”

What say you – are there reasons enough to head to Starbucks this summer?