Celebrate Shiro’s Tenth Anniversary In Mumbai With This Exquisite Menu

Ten years ago, Shiro in Mumbai opened its doors, presenting customers with an elegant, dramatic space to enjoy exquisite Asian fare. Since then, it quickly became a favourite amongst the city’s swish set, earning a reputation that towers as high as the massive Budha-esque statues which sit in the restaurant.

To celebrate its ten years of success, the fine dining restaurant has create a special menu; The Best of Shiro which features the most loved, bestselling signature dishes Shiro has offered over the past 10 yeasr; essentially ten years of deliciousness consolidated into one menu.

We stepped into Shiro to join in the anniversary celebrations last night, charmed as always by the dim lighting, Oriental statues and overall Zen atmosphere. As the night progressed, the subtle Oriental music was replaced by louder, popular beats to cater to the growing number of patrons streamed in.

Tasting The Talk

Shiro is legendary for its range of delectable dim sum, sushi and sashimi. Subsequently, The Best Of Shiro Menu features a wide range of them including mushroom and cream cheese dumplings, prawns har gau, chicken gyoza and wasabi prawns dumplings. From the assortment we tried, we particularly loved the har gau, which had thin wrappers filled with plump, succulent prawn pieces and the chicken gyoza dumplings which were filled with a chicken mince subtly flavoured with herbs and spices. We also enjoyed the wasabi prawns dumplings which combined a creamy wasabi mayonnaise with succulent prawns in a bright green wrapper which also had hints of wasabi flavour. Vegetarians can try the cheese and mushrooms dumplings, which balance the textures of firm mushrooms and creamy cheese expertly or the Shanghai mushroom dumplings which have an earthy, wholesome flavour.


Meanwhile, from the sushi and sashmi selection, we’d whole-heartedly recommend the spicy prawn and avocado maki. While the sushi rice is perfectly cooked, the roll is topped with creamy spicy prawns giving your traditional California roll a unique spin. The sashimi we sampled; prawns tuna, Scottish salmon and red snapper were all cut to the perfect texture and thickness. Particularly enjoyable was the Scottish salmon, which was smooth and velvety and the tuna which was subtly flavoured by the lemon slices it was nestled against.


From the rest of the starter selection we’d recommend you try the cheese rolls, which put smooth creamy cheese in a crispy wrapper and the mahtani chicken, a house speciality which will set fire to your taste buds; the tender chicken fire-cracker hot as is the sauce it’s served in.

It was at this point that our mains arrived and we quickly turned to the Hibachi rice. The dish features pearly, firm fried rice combined with plump shiitake mushrooms and can be a tasty dish on its own or a subtly flavoured pairing to a curry or hot pot. We had the chicken hot pot with shitake mushrooms which combines firm mushrooms and soft chicken in a mildly spicy gravy.


Finally, we wrapped up our meal with Shiro’s chocolate cherry bomb; a dome of chocolate which is stuffed with a smooth, light chocolate mousse infused with sour sweet cherries. We’re firm believers that there’s no better dessert pairing than chocolate with cherries and this dessert goes a long way in supporting that opinion.


The desert was the (literal) cherry atop the delicious meal that Shiro offered us. As it celebrates its anniversary, head there yourself to create your own meal experience and raise a toast to all that it offers.