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Celebrate Ramdan, The Holy Month with Nandu’s Chicken


Get ready to be spoilt for choice as Nandu’s Chicken, brings to you a range of ready to eat chicken marinades and quick bites like Sesame chilli chicken wings, Guntur chilli chicken, Schezwan chicken lollipop, Murgh malai tikka, Punjabi chicken tikka, Chicken nuggets, Burger patty, Chicken popcorn, Chicken samosa, spring roll and cold cuts like Italian chicken sausages, Jamaican jerk cocktail chicken sausages, Chimichurri cocktail chicken sausages, Chicken salami, Tandoori chicken salami and Chipotle chicken ham. Invite all your friends and family to break the fast and ease into Iftar meal and spend more time with your loved ones at the comfort of your house.

If you are one of those lucky souls who enjoys cooking and loves to play around with your recipes, order tender and fresh chicken like curry cut, boneless breast, biryani cut, drumstick etc. and go all out with your cooking skills.

Nandu’s Chicken produces fresh chicken that comes right from the farm to your fork. In case you werere wondering, the chicken produced at Nandu’s has no hormones, steroids and antibiotic residue with 100% traceability making it All Healthy All Fresh and kid friendly for the perfect Iftar meal!

Cost: Fresh Chicken: ranging from INR 70 to INR 999

Marinades: INR 105 to INR 500

Quick bites: INR 105 to INR 135

Cold cuts: INR 70 to INR 128

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