Celebrate Movember With Carlsberg This Season And Groom With Beer

To support men’s health, Carlsberg has created Beer’d Beauty: A series of beer’d and ‘stache grooming products made from real Carlsberg beer. As a follow up to this summer’s launch of the male grooming series, Beer Beauty, Carlsberg Laboratory, the R&D arm of Carlsberg Breweries, has created three new products: Shaving Gel, Aftershave Cream and Moustache Cream.



Beauty products for men?

‘After seeing a lot of interest in our high quality beauty series from our beer consumers, we decided to dive even deeper into the beauty benefits of beer ingredients’ , says Mikkel Pilemand, Global Core Beer VP, Carlsberg Group.
As it turns out, the main ingredients in Carlsberg’s beer – hops, barley & yeast – do not only have beautifying properties for hair and skin, they will also do a great job taking care of your moustache. 



All natural, really!

‘Our premium hops are what give the beer its unique taste. They impart the bitterness and aromatic flavours. But hops also contain lots of antioxidants, oils and antibacterial acids. You could actually say that our hops are the perfect compounds for shaving products’ , says Zoran Gojkovic, Director of Research, Carlsberg Laboratories.
Once again, Carlsberg has freeze-dried their beer into powder before mixing it with cosmetics producer Urtegaarden’s ingredients to increase the beer concentration in the products. ‘With 200ml beer in each 100ml product, the new Beer’d Beauty series contains all the good stuff from Carlsberg’s natural ingredients’, says Carlsberg Brewmaster Erik Lund.



The Movember Foundation

But there is more to the new Beer’d Beauty Series than beer and beautifying properties. The proceeds from the series will go directly to the Movember Foundation with the aim to support men’s health. ‘At Carlsberg, we want our products to be part of a balanced lifestyle and we are committed to supporting consumers in making responsible choices. Therefore, it makes a lot of sense for us to support the Movember Foundation and help create positive change for men’s health’ , says Mikkel Pilemand, Global Core Beer VP, Carlsberg Group.


Carlsberg and Movember

Movember co-founder JC adds: ‘Movember started in a pub 13 years ago, and we know how important it is for guys to get together to maintain friendships and look out for each other. Ever since that time, we’ve focussed on having fun whilst doing good in changing the face of men’s health. We’re looking forward to seeing Carlsberg’s Beer’d Beauty Series being applied by men across the world of Movember, with moustache maintenance being an integral part of a Mo Bros journey.’

The series will be available at https://www.thirstforgreat.com/beerd-beauty/carlsbergbeerd-beauty.html throughout Movember.
Learn more about Beer’d Beauty and Movember at carlsbergbeauty.com or go to https://monetwork.co/carlsberg to support Movember.