Celebrate International Whisky Sour Day With These Cocktails From Dewar’s

It’s International Whisky Sour Day and while lovers of the liquid sunshine lament on why is this occasion only once a year, the folks at Dewar’s bring to you some innovative Whisky Sour cocktail recipes by Fraser Campbell, Global Brand Ambassador, Dewar’s to celebrate this day.

Honey Sour


· 50ml Dewar’s 12 yr old

· 30ml Fresh Lemon Juice

· 25ml Honey Water

· 1d Angosutra

· 20ml egg white


Shake all ingredients with ice. Then dry shake all the ingredients, and double strain into rocks glass with clean ice. Garnish with honeycomb.

Stone Fruit Sour


· 50ml Dewar’s 12 yr old

· 25ml Lemon Juice

· 2 bar spoons Plum Jam

· 10ml Apricot liqueur

· 20ml Egg White


Add ice to all ingredients and shake well. Then dry shake the ingredients. Strain into a chilled rocks glass. Garnish with plum slices.