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Celebrate International Tea Day At A Humble Tea Stall In Chennai


Tea is a popular beverage in many cultures across the world, usually consumed without additives as black, green, yellow or oolong tea. (Read up more on teas around the world here.)

In India, however, tea is most commonly consumed with milk and sugar as additives, besides a gentle blend of spice, known as Masala Chai. Indians love a soothing cup of hot tea, and there’s no doubt why. It is perfect as a morning beverage, goes well with your breakfasts, is a great for conversations, perfect for your evening snack break, and for those who enjoy this – it tastes great after being chilled in the refridgerator!

This International Tea Day, we take a closer look at a tea stall by the street in Chennai, watching how this national favourite beverage is made, with a strong punch of tea and warm milk, mixed traditionally.

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