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Celebrate International Coffee Day at Loft


Coffee is an immediate mood uplifter and the universal solution to most problems for most people. Who doesn’t love a good cup of coffee? Some call it their wake-up drink while some prefer it anytime over any other beverage. From Half-café, latte, cappuccino and what not, the aroma of coffee just makes it so hard for coffee lovers to resist it.

So this World Coffee Day, one of the best places to visit for the best coffees in town, is Loft. That aroma of finely brewed coffee in thin air as you enter the outlet is one to die for. And the ambiance of the cafe itself gives you multiple reasons to enjoy the various concoctions of this widely loved bean. There are multiple options to soothe your coffee cravings from Caramel Cold Coffee, Choco Layered Cold Coffee, Vietnamese Cold Coffee to a unique Coffee Masala Lemonade.

So, this International Coffee Day come with your friends or your partner and celebrate this day with your shared love for coffee only at Loft!

Date: 1st October 2019

Venue: Loft

Time: All Day

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