Celebrate French Fry Day With These 9 Delicious Variations

We bet you didn’t know that there is one day devoted to French Fries. Because we didn’t either. It took some research and some digging to make sure that we were right, so here we are! Tomorrow, July 13th, is French Fry Day and that means if you decide to supersize your French Fries or just get a meal made of French Fries, nobody can judge you. And if they do, just show them this article and remind them that you don’t care what they think – French Fries are a gift from the gods. So enjoy it the best you can.

But, we also know that the usual French Fry creations you settle for might not be enough for a day this awesome. So we’ve got some suggestions for you to switch it up a little. Whether you’re buying frozen French Fries that require some frying or baking before consumption, you can just toss it up with one or more of these mixtures and enjoy the meal a little more. French Fries are magical, just like Unicorns, and while they aren’t rare, they are definitely the one food group that can be eaten at any time and at any meal. 

Are you ready to meet the new and interesting ways to eat your French Fries.

Bacon Cheese Fries


This is the ultimate variation of French Fries, because can you imagine just how good this balance would be? Melt the cheese, so that it’s stringy and stretchy and then cook the bacon till it’s crisp. Once the fries are ready, mix the cheese and bacon with the fries and serve. Best eaten hot, while the cheese is still melting!


Beef Fries


Minced meat made into gravy and then poured over fries. What can be better than a bowl of crisp fries with beef poured over it? Sure, you could replace the beef with chicken or mutton or maybe even a vegetarian gravy that appeals to you. Or you can serve it dry, either works!


Breakfast Fries


The ideal breakfast is bacon, bread and eggs. So why not replace the bread with fries? Your fries don’t have to be crisp, just make sure that you add enough salt and pepper before you toss it all into a bowl. Then top with bacon and mix again, then finally just before you serve, add the fried egg and bam, breakfast done.


Curly Fries


If you’ve never made Curly Fries before, that’s okay! We’ve got an easy way for you to do it. Cut your potatoes into long strips and then wrap it around a skewer, then deep fry them. Set them aside to cool and mix up the powder and finally spread it over the fries and it’s ready to serve once you remove it from the skewer.


Garlic Truffle Fries


Slice the potatoes and drizzle with truffle olive oil, salt & pepper and toss to combine. Then stick it in the oven for about 40 minutes till golden brown and then combine the fries with crushed garlic or garlic powder.


Mac & Cheese Fries


This is the perfect treat for a rainy day. Make your Mac & Cheese (heavy on the cheese) and make your fries, then toss them all together till the fries are nicely coated with the cheese and serve. You can top it with some bacon or shredded chicken and everything is done.


Paprika Fries


This one is really easy, because it takes you a total of 30 minutes to get it all together. Once your fries are ready, toss them in paprika and some salt and ta da, all ready and delicious to consume.


Parmesan Truffle Fries


Just like the garlic fries, this one follows the same process. Instead of tossing it with garlic, add some grated Parmesan and mix it all together. Top with some chopped parsley and it’s ready for you.




A famous Canadian dish, Poutine isn’t always going to be made the right way because you might not have the right ingredients. Make the beef gravy while you’re making your fries and once your fries are ready, sprinkle cheese over it and then before it cools, add the beef gravy to the dish and serve right away.