Celebrate Diwali with Vanilla Miel In Mumbai

Mumbai, November 2018: With just a week to Diwali, if you’re still wondering what to gift, fret not, Vanilla Miel has it all taken care of.

Their specially curated Diwali hamper is the perfect gift to give people whether it be as a return gift or something you take to their house during Diwali parties. With an array of delectable treats all put together, delicious and fancy is exactly what this hamper is all about. With jars of Macadamia Butter, Pistachio Praline, Oat & Honey Crumble and a Hot chocolate concentrate with Vanilla Miel’s special all spice mix, you definitely can’t go wrong. There are also four absolutely decadent bonbons in the flavors dark chocolate hazelnut crunch, coffee streusel, peanut butter and soft caramel. Be sure not to miss out on the Triple chocolate brownie squares which are baked to perfection. Giving the hamper a slight festive touch is a Diwali diya which is just perfect to light up your house.

So be sure to order Vanilla Miel’s indulgent hamper this Diwali and impress all of your family and friends.

About Vanilla Miel

Celebrate Diwali with Vanilla Miel In Mumbai

Vanilla Miel is a patisserie that aims to seamlessly assimilate the aesthetics of floral art into edible creations befitting special occasions. Taking inspiration from the simple elegance of vanilla and honey- their brand identity, sister duo Isha Shetty and Mansi Shetty Bafna truly believe that each bite you take of any of their products should be an experience in itself. The petit gateaux, entremets and tarts at Vanilla Miel have between 3 to 6 layers each – every single layer channeling a varying flavour and yet coming together beautifully once eaten. Every decorative element, including flowers, on their desserts and tarts are 100% edible – handcrafted with pure chocolate and each one individually painted.

Price: Rs. 1450

Contact: +91 9833757658, +91 9833757496

Website: https://vanillamiel.com/