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Celebrate Church Street Social’s 2nd Birthday with Food and Drinks at Rs 2


Happy Happy Birthday Social! 

Yes, Bangaloreans. It’s been two years since everyone’s favourite hangout Church Street Social opened up its doors. As if they haven’t done enough for us, they’re now offering food and drinks at Rs 2 to let us celebrate their birthday with them in style. 

social 1

No, we aren’t kidding. Cocktails, Sangria and even their Long Island Iced Teas is priced at Rs 2 only. Have a piggy bank filled with all your change? Today might be the day to break that open. Who knew all that change would come in handy sometime! If you thought this was it. Think again, there’s also set by three DJs in the evening. The first DJ goes up at 7.30 pm but don’t fret, the offer is on all day. So, you can be nice and happy (you know what we mean) by the time the party starts. 


What you waiting for? We will see you there!