Celebrate Bistro Oui’s Second Birthday With A Glass of Wine @ INR 2

Birthdays are always a fabulous occasion, and we were stoked to hear that our favorite French-styled bistro is turning 2 years old! We absolutely love Bistro Oui’s hookah, sangrias, and their fabulous continental cuisine, but what we love even more is a glass of wine for only Rs. 2!

Yep, you read that right! On the occasion of their second birthday on February 8th, Bistro Oui is giving their patrons the first glass of wine for Rs. 2 – that’s practically free! *does a happy wine jig*

However, there are a few *ahem* stipulations. First off, the deal is only valid on 8th February 2018 on their second birthday (that seems fair). Second, you’ve got to tender exact change to get your first glass of wine at only Rs. 2 – so break open that piggy bank and get the coins flowing.

Oh, and the offer is only valid on their in-house wine, but that still means you can get two glasses of wine or a glass of wine and a cocktail for under 250 bucks – sounds like a deal to me! Come Thursday evening, you know where I’ll be!

Date: 8th February 2018

Timings: 11 am to 11 pm

Place: Bistro Oui, Koramangala

For Reservations: Call – 080 49652608



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