Caviar Made From Ketchup, Juice and Liquor; Is That Possible? 

One of the reasons caviar is so popular (aside from its rarity) is because of its fun texture; as soon as you spoon it into your mouth it pops. However, not many of us have the chance to gobble as much of it as we’d like, because it’s so obscenely expensive. 

Enter the Imperial Spherificator, a device that allows you to create ‘caviar’ out of any liquid you desire. The Imperial Spherificator (sounds like a device from the far future, doesn’t it?) was created by Naor Cohen, a Montreal based entrepreneur. Ketchup, Orange juice, whiskey; take your pick and turn it into caviar, or as Montreal calls them ‘dippin’ dots’. 


Molecular Gastronomy For The Layman 

The Imperial Spherificator uses a process called spherification. While chefs do this process by hand, by dripping the liquid drop by drop using a pipette or syringe to create balls, the Imperial Spherificator simply requires you to pour your liquid along with provided alginate into it. The Spherificator then produces the balls which are strained and eaten.


Making Its Rounds on Kickstarter

While a prototype has been designed, Cohen has put the project on Kickstarter to raise production funds. Pay $97 and you’ll be placed on the list to receive an Imperial Spherificator once it’s ready to be on the mass market. It’s really that simple! 

Until then, check out this video of the spherification process. If nothing else, it’s salivating to watch.