Cauldron Cakes Get a New Makeover At The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter!

Calling all Potterheads to attention! We know that you (like us) have all been dying to go to The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter at least once in your lifetime. At least!

Part of the magic and wonder that hold us fixated on getting there is the food. The glorious foods that were described so beautifully and tantalizingly by JK Rowling.We all have dreams of walking around the Wizarding World, our wand in one hand (pretending to cast tarantallegra on some poor unsuspecting bloke) and with a box of Bertie Botts in the other. So when we heard that one of the most iconic desserts of this world just got a spanking new makeover we were jumping with joy!

The Cauldrom Cakes that Harry always bought from the Lunch Trolley on the Hogwarts Express have turned into a fiery delicious delight! A tasty, rich chocolate cake with buttercream icing that comes in its own reuseable mini-cauldron.

The former iteration of this treat, was a round chocolate brownie-cake topped with a chocolate “handle” and icing.

This new version costs $10 and is available at several locations in WWOHP, and so far it’s getting rave reviews.

Although the new version certainly looks more spectacular, a lot of people have a fond memory of the old one and are not to happy with the sudden change reports Pop Sugar.

We think these new Cauldron Cakes steal the show and although the old ones were cute, these definitely take the cake!

Images : Hedgehogs corner and Orlando Informer

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