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Do you love the delicious, creamy ice creams from Natural’s Ice Cream? One of the most essential elements of ice cream is the dairy that is used to make it; high quality dairy yields gorgeous, smooth ice creams, like the

By the end of this month, a fire engine red food truck, which calls itself the ‘Bombay Food Truck’ will be jauntily rolling into Mumbai. Helmed by the men behind the popular Andheri bar Please Don’t Tell, Ashish Sajnani and

With its beautiful, Zen themed interiors and its careful attention to detail when it comes to food, Shiro is one of our favourite Pan Asian destinations in Mumbai. Shiro has recently revamped its menu and, the greedy gluttons we are,

The BMC has announced that there will be a ban on both the slaughter and sale on meat for four days in Mumbai during Paryushan Parva, a Jain festival. Four Meatless Days Normally, during Paryushan, the slaughter and sale of

Nestled across the Powai Lake, near the Hiranandani Gardens sits Mirchi & Mime, a fairy new addition to Mumbai’s’ culinary scene. As our maximum city opens the doors to a new eatery every week, restaurants try to establish themselves as

Mumbai is a friendly city for those that are looking to eat cheap, even if it’s not so kind when it comes to rent prices. From roadside stalls to tiny eateries, every craving can be fulfilled for under a hundred

When Ratan Tata personally invests in a company, it knows that it is doing something right. In that light, executives at the Mumbai based Holachef must be turning cartwheels, as it has just been confirmed that Ratan Tata has personally

Have you got your sibling a gift for Raksha Bandhan yet? Of course, sisters buying their brothers a rakhi is a given. But, this year whether you’re a brother or sister, take the celebrations a step further by gifting your

Onam Sadhya is an Indian foodie’s favourite day, even if they’re not Mallu. The Onam Sadhya is a banquet that is traditionally served on a banana leaf and is typically vegetarian. In a single course, 24 or more different dishes

Here’s a scenario we’re sure you’re all familiar with. You and your friends visit a nice pizza place for dinner and inevitably end up ordering way more than you can eat. So, you ask the kindly waiter to parcel up

This Monday morning, Mumbai foodies woke up to some sad news that heightened the Monday blues. According to a report in the Times of India, the iconic Parsi Dairy Farm may be downing its shutters soon. This comes after Mumbai

Macarons have gained great popularity across the world (and the internet) over the past few years. Some attribute it to their beautiful delicate sweetness, while others claims it’s because, with their pops of colours and adorable size, they photograph really

There are home bakers and there are home bakers. You know, those bakers that are just so good that they’ve managed to turn their passion for baking into a vocation. These home bakers can give any massive conglomerate a run

Packaged food is unhealthy , right? And yet (and yet) we often find ourselves reaching for a packet of processed biscuits or chips when we’re craving a snack. Packaged foods are simple, cheap and way more convenient than cooking a

To some, there is no experience more rewarding than baking. Some see it as an art of the highest form; ingredients must be combined in exacting quantities, mixed in a specific way and baked for just the right amount of

Foodies of Mumbai (that sounds like a Facebook group, doesn’t it?), listen up! We’ve sifted through hundreds of event notifications with a magnifying glass to bring you the best the city has to offer this week when it comes to

This year, in the days that lead up to Parsi New Year, the JW Café is hosting a Parsi Food Festival that is celebrating all food that is good and Parsi.  “Everyone gets a holiday on 18th August, but no

Few people, when stepping out for a meal would choose to go to an Indian restaurant. After all, why would you pay money for food that you can easily cook at home? Enter Masala Library by Jiggs Kalra, which is

Who can ever get enough of chocolate? In a cake, in a mousse, in a milkshake, or simply in the form of a massive chocolate bar, the possibilities to indulge on it are endless. In the spirit of chocolate love,

Across Mumbai’s colorful culinary landscape, one cuisine that shines through is Parsi food. Be it dhansak or Sali boti, every Mumbaikar has a Parsi dish that is close to their heart. Over the next ten days, just before the Parsi