Let’s take a moment and reflect on the beauty that is briyani. Spices, meat or vegetables and rice combine to make a complex dish that could be called India’s favourite comfort food. Or simply, one of India’s favourite meals. While

This weekend will be super exciting for food lovers in Mumbai. In South Mumbai, at the World Trade Center, UpperCrust is holding their annual Food & Wine Show that showcases a variety of food brands, cuisines and personalities all over

Back in 2003, India’s premier food magazine, UpperCrust put together the UpperCrust Food & Wine Show, an event that exhibited the best that the food world had to offer. The show went on to become an annual event, featuring new

VT Station (or CST station as it is now known) host throngs of people every day hurrying here, hurrying there, hurrying everywhere. In all that rush, commuters very rarely have the time or inclination to sit down to a fully-fledged

Last weekend, some 10,000 people in Mumbai converged at High Street Phoenix in Lower Parel. That’s not an unusual event in itself; each weekend the popular mall sees a high footfall. What was unusual was that all these people were

Patrons shopping at Kandivali West’s Croma store in the early evening may be in for a surprise; after spending an hour or so lost in digital delight, they may leave the store and find that a happy yellow truck decorated

As we’ve said time and time again, the perfect way to spend time with the family on Sundays is at a long, lazy brunch. If you’ve been heading to the same destination week after week, why not shake things up

Winter is coming (to Mumbai). However, winters here don’t have to be as ominous as they are in Game Of Thrones; face the winter with bowls of comforting soups to ward off sniffles, sore throats and the winter blues. Here

It’s nearing the end of November, which means that the holiday season is almost upon us! To us, holidays mean boozy evenings spent with friends and lazy family brunches. To kick off the holiday season, why not enjoy a few

We’ve been experiencing some unusual showers of rain and thunder in Mumbai for the past few days. But, even without the random rains, the temperature would have still been dropping – after all, winter is coming. During the winter months,

Happy holiday season, foodies! Christmas is just over a month away, which means it’s time to start baking cookies, hunting for trees and planning parties. One of my favourite ways to mark the start of the Christmas season is to

Remember back in April when we told you all about the Michelin pop up at the JW Marriott, Juhu in Mumbai? Well, in case you didn’t get to pay Mezzo Mezzo a visit, we’ll tell you that Chef D’Amato’s meal

There’s something about cheesecake that brings out the dessert fiends in everyone; even those who claim not to “have too much of a sweet tooth.” Cheesecakes can be incredibly diverse from having various type of crusts to different flavours mixed

Weekends are good. Weekends are for relaxing and indulging. For meeting friends and having dates and shopping. For doing anything that will relax and recharge you. For us, we find we prefer to spend our weekends eating with some great

Thinking about the word ‘comeback’ conjures up ideas of film stars who disappear off the Hollywood map for a while, only to turn up a year or so later in a blockbuster, complete with a new sense of style, a

Food lovers in Mumbai need no introduction to Alex Sanchez, the head chef at one of Mumbai’s finest restaurants; Under his stewardship, The Table has gained fame for its fresh, healthy fare executed with finesse and impressive technique. He’s been

Falafel’s, a quick service eatery in Mumbai serving Lebanese cuisine, has been a part of Mumbai’s culinary landscape for a few years now. With a menu that offered quick and healthy falafels, hummus platters, shawarmas and salads, Falafel’s became a

Mumbai – indeed, all of India has an intense love affair with chaat. Chaat is made up of a variety of elements including potatoes, dahi, onions, coriander, sev and masala powder. There’re a multitude of permutations and combinations that you

Of late, Lower Parel has seen a large collection of vegetarian restaurants opening. The newest addition to the vegetarian bandwagon is Sky View Cafe, brought to Mumbai from the owners of Spices & Flavours and Bottle Bar. Spread over an

Do you feel like you overindulged during Diwali, and are now dealing with a bloated stomach and unsightly bulges? It’s time to detox. Give up your favourite fast food joint and put all that mithai away for a while and