Looking for the perfect gift for Christmas? Well, you can never go wrong with food! The little elves at popular eateries, bakeries and kitchens across Mumbai have been working overtime to create some special Christmas goodies that will make for

Last weekend, Bangalore had a wonderful time at the Bangalore Farmers’ Market by Karen Anand. This weekend, just in time for Christmas, Karen Anand brings a Christmas Edition of her Farmer’s Market to South Mumbai’s favourite leisure destination; the High

Our favourite time of the year is here; Christmas means presents, family time and oodles and oodles of food! We’ve rounded up some of the best Christmas buffets, menus and offers in Mumbai – where will your feast begin? The

We know, we know; weekends are meant for drinking and feasting, right? But, since we’re sure you’ll be doing plenty of that next week (being Christmas week and all) we thought we should put together a list of Mumbai’s best

Mumbai food lovers almost sank into depression when Chef Kelvin Cheung of Elipsis annoucned that he would be leaving the popular resturant and heading back home to the US. However, dry those tears, because Cheung found that he just could

We think that the food Gods that watch over Mumbai sat down and decided to give us a bonanza of gifts this year; over the past couple of days a multitude of new restaurants have opened with exciting new flavours

An enveloping street food experience in Mumbai would not be complete without a visit to Mohammed Ali Road. While the area has a variety of legendary restaurants, such as Shalimar, the street food is the true star. If you’re planning

Ten to fifteen years ago, getting an ice cream involved going to the nearest cart, handing over Rs.10 and walking away with a vanilla or chocolate cone or ice lolly. While those carts are still wandering the city streets today,

Saturday nights are meant for drinking, dancing, eating and laughing; don’t let anyone try to convince you otherwise. If you’re in Mumbai, a bar hotspot that has magnificently exploded over the past few years is Bandra. We’ve tried and tested

“Eat your fruits and vegetables!” “You shouldn’t eat so much junk!” “Stop watching TV and go and get some fresh air!” Don’t these sayings sound familiar? They’re snippets from most of our childhoods, words of advice from parents, teachers and

If you’ve been on the internet, watched the news, read the papers or even eavesdropped on train travellers’ conversations yesterday you’ll know that Bollywood superstar, Salman Khan was acquitted in the hit and run case that he had been facing

To us, the word ‘weekend’ is a synonym for drinking, dancing, eating and fun! We recently visited the revamped Daily Bar & Kitchen in Bandra and realized that it’s the perfect destination to do just that; with some delicious food,

We see strawberries here, strawberries there and strawberries everywhere! The Mumbai winter is welcomed for many reasons, but the ones that top our lists have to do with food; Christmas goodies and feasts, restaurant offers and fresh seasonal fruits &

December is here, and it really is the season to be jolly! Why, you ask? Why, because of all the food festivals, of course! Last weekend you may have caught a glimpse of us at the World Trade Centre for

We love when a restaurant decides to take itself on a sabbatical and comes back with a revamped menu and look. The latest case in point; Asado, off SV Road in Bandra. Previously known as Asado Bar & Grill, the

They say that Mumbai is the city of dreams. The city where a pauper can become a rich man and an unknown can become a film star. In the same way, it’s a city where a simple street stall can

We all tend to indulge in Bollywood movie marathons sometimes for some escapism. Very often, we become besotted with the characters in the movies and the actors that play them. Why not soak up some stardom at these restaurants owned

The Christmas holidays are a welcome, yet often stressful time. While you probably get time off work you very rarely have free time; days are spent shopping for presents and hunting for trees while nights are inevitably spent hosting out

Mumbai food lovers with smartphones have probably heard of The Hungry Mumbaikar aka Rohit Haryani. To maintain his 14K followers strong Instagram account as well as a Connoisseur Zomato foodie page and a Facebook page, Rohit traverses through Mumbai tasting

You may think of vada pav street sellers as humble men selling a humble (though much loved) food. However you may want to rethink; allow us to introduce you to Mangesh Ahiwale, a vada pav seller who donated Rs. 20,000