From the kitchens of the high class to the common man’s table, one meal that is common in households all over India is the thali. Wholesome and balanced, thalis serve a variety of dishes in small quantities so you can

This Frog is having a good laugh Mumbaikars, it’s been a long, sluggish week with a random thunderstorm (really, what was that all about?) mid week that broke up the IPL match and made the following days even hotter. We

The superheated foodtech space seems to get no break from making news and attracting investments. Mumbai-based on-demand food delivery company Box8 has raised Rs 21 crores in series A funding from Mayfield (headquartered in Silicon Valley) which will be used

Pizza may be one of the best things that Italy has given the world. Well, aside from gorgeous Italian men, beautiful music and some delicious cheeses. And of course, pasta. But coming back to pizza, it’s hard to find a

Did we see you at Indigo’s sweet sixteen brunch last week? If you enjoyed that, or if you’re a fan of lazy boozy Sunday brunches in general then Kala Ghoda is where you should be this Sunday morning. Each Sunday

Foodie Tales

Do you have a holiday tomorrow? Head to Bandra in the morning and work up your appetite for some delicious nosh at one of the many Bandra eateries by listening to a host of stories about food. Or better yet,

As many of my friends would vouch for, I’m a complete carnivore. Give me a plate piled with chicken, mutton and beef and I’ll be smiling and patting my tummy all day long. You can image my delight then, when

For my first two years in Mumbai, I was living in a hostel. As any ex-hostelite would know, hostel food is often bland, boring and altogether blah. Me and my roommates soon became very familiar with all the restaurants in

It’s hard juggling work, a social life, more work and family. It’s even harder to make sure you’re eating nutritious meals while you’re juggling – it’s so much easier to just cook yourself a packet of maggi, or eat a

“Whiskey, like a beautiful woman, demands appreciation. You gaze first, then it’s time to drink.” – Haruki Murakami Murakami should have been in Mumbai this month. In the spirit of whiskey, the Atrium Lounge at Taj Lands End is presenting

This Sunday, Indigo invites you to gatecrash their milestone birthday party; their sweet sixteen. Spacious and elegant, this restaurant has been serving satisfied patrons an ever changing menu of eclectic European cuisine for the past sixteen years. Mumbaikars may also

There today, gone tomorrow. That’s the basic concept behind the pop-up restaurant fad that’s gained popularity world over. A delicious combination of mystery, good food and exclusivity for a few lucky customers, its not hard to see why so many

Who doesn’t love a good shawarma? The crispy fries, the tender chicken, the garlic sauce – are you hungry yet? Mumbai has its fair share of shawarma stalls. However, if you’re looking past the shawarma and want a fully fledged

Looking for a cheap, tasty meal in Mumbai? Head to its colleges. No, we can’t guarantee you access to their hallowed college canteens, but we will tell you to look at stalls just outside the colleges. Much loved by students,

After putting together a list of bars in Bangalore where you can get tipsy under five hundred rupees, we’re sure that Mumbai dwellers are sitting and wondering ‘Hey, where’s our list?!’ Fret not, Mumbaikars, we’ve got you covered. Now, instead

The Mughals certainly had a way of doing things, didn’t they? They captured and ruled much of the India we know today, they established new trade routes, and they were even responsible for building one of the greatest wonders of

Easily available and easy to cook, chicken is many a meat eaters favorite protein. While there’s nothing quite as satisfying as biting into a leg of deep-fried chicken, an equally delicious option is grilled chicken. Grilled chicken promises to tantalise

I can’t imagine what life would be like without cupcakes. You know whoever thought of baking these for the first time, genius, of course but life became so much more colourful because of cupcakes. I knew somebody who once told

I love Indian sweets, I do but nothing, and I mean nothing beats a cheesecake. It’s light, it’s soft, it’s smooth and the tart of a good cheesecake will make you feel only a cheesecake can. My very first cheesecake