Let’s all put our hands together and welcome Mumbai’s latest brewpub, Doolally. After taking Pune by a storm with its freshly brewed artisanal beers it has finally opened its doors to the eager Mumbai beer lovers.  The doors of Doolally

It’s been just over a month since Monkey Bar arrived in Mumbai, and it’s been a huge hit; even on a weeknight you have to fight for space. Now the same F & B team behind Monkey Bar is brining

Imagine this conundrum. It’s the weekend and you have two options for the night; go drinking and then dancing, or go to a really lovely restaurant and enjoy a delicious meal. The problem is that if you go drinking and

On June 30th, it will be ten years since the well-loved Indigo Deli first opened its large wooden doors in Colaba to Mumbai’s hungry connoisseurs. In celebration of their “Delicious Decade”, Indigo Deli has been having a variety of events

Here’s a question for you. Where in Mumbai can you head to tomorrow night that will have a standup comedy act, cheap booze and some delicious Italian fare?Stumped for the answer? We’ll tell you – the recently opened Take it

Yesterday, after wading through murky puddles that the Mumbai rains had left as a present, I arrived home to find two gorgeous cheesecakes waiting for me. No, some special magic hadn’t been at work, but a cheesecake fairy called Cheesecake

You can head to your nearest supermarket and buy a loaf of factory made bread for breakfast. That’s an option. Or, you can pay a visit to one of these bakeries in Mumbai for some freshly baked, still warm unique

The monsoon is here! Forget about the flooding, forget about the horrible commutes and choose to focus on the positives that the monsoon brings. For instance, focus on the lovely feeling of being curled up under a warm blanket with

A few days ago, a delivery man braved Mumbai’s torrential downpour and the floods to bring food to my door. This food delivery was courtesy, FoodAbhi, a tiffin delivery service that we recently wrote about because it had raised a

You may have noticed that the papers are constantly talking about how this Sunday is World Yoga Day. However, you should also probably know that it’s Father’s Day. And, if your Dad is like most men out there, he probably

You’d better grab your wallets and some expandable trousers because we’ve put together a list of dishes in Mumbai that are oozing with cheesy goodness. Ditch the cheesy pickup lines and take your date on a cheese trip through Mumbai! 

Mumbai and Delhi are always competing with each other. And, it seems that the competition extends to street food or, more specifically, bacteria in street food. Less than a month after E coli was found in large quantities in Delhi

Walk into the JW Café in Mumbai on a Friday night and the first thing you’ll notice, bathed in a golden hued glory, is the King Alaskan crab. Then, your eyes will be drawn to the seafood spread that surrounds

As Mumbai keeps expanding, its range of resturants keeps expanding. New restaurants compete with each other in advertising and in battles over who can serve the most innovative food. However, there are some restaurants in South Mumbai that bask in

Nobody makes seafood quite like the Bengalis. Bengali cuisine is also known for its subtle use of spices, its love for rice and its milk indulgent desserts. Whether you’re a native Mumbaikar looking for different Indian flavours when you’re dining out, or

We know that summer is coming to a close when the names of events change from featuring summer to celebrating the monsoons. So, let’s all breathe a sigh of relief and head to the Monsoon Bonanza at Mandira Bedi’s flagship

We’ve seen some heavy rain over the last couple of days, but it’s not time to pull out the gumboots and shawls yet. As the experienced Mumbaikar knows, it’s going to get hotter than hell over the next few days

Mumbai has an extravagance of great street foods from chaat, to pav bhaji with lots of vada pavs in between. However, if you’re looking to satisfy your canines (the teeth that enjoy digging into large hunks of meat) then your

Even though the Mumbai skies sent down a few rain drops on Friday night, we can’t breathe a sigh of relief and rejoice the end of summer yet. As past experience has taught me, it will rain for a few

Mumbai, it’s time to don your Mexican hat (or sombrero), and head to California Pizza Kitchen (CPK) for their Mexifornia Festival. If you don’t have a sombrero, then worry not, because there’s one waiting for you at the restaurant, painted