Mumbai may say hello to more Bengali cuisine sometime this year, thanks to popular cookery show host Sudipa Chatterjee. Late last year, Chatterjee opened Sudipar Rannaghar, a Bengali restaurant in Kolkata which has been met with positive reviews.  Meet Sudipa

Colaba in Mumbai is an awesome destination for shopping, soaking up some culture at the Prince of Wales Museum and at its various art galleries and – naturally – eating. While it has some great fine dining options, we realise

When we’ve woken up on the wrong side of bed, we find that an instant easy remedy is a well-made cup of coffee and a flaky, buttery croissant. We’re not quite the home -bakers we aspire to be, so we

Ever since Doolally Taproom made its way over from Pune to Mumbai last year, it’s been delighting patrons with its delicious craft beers, beer food, game options and cheery vibes every night. In addition to these attractions, dog owners love

A buffet is probably the sweetest dream come true that any foodie will experience. We’ve put together some of the most delicious buffets Mumbai has to offer; will we be seeing you at any of them? Sigree Global Grill Go

Last week, we told you all about the best places to eat in Colaba, Mumbai; a heritage destination that is also frequented by bargain hunters and shopaholics. If you walk a few steps North, you’ll arrive at Fort, a locale

Being a coastal city, Mumbai has a massive amount of seafood restaurants. Given the choice, it can be hard to find the best of the best dishes that they have to offer – that’s why we put together this list

There’s something about a good martini that makes everything better. We’re not sure whether it’s because it’s James Bond’s favourite drink or because it’s a delicious mix of two alcohols (gin and vermouth), but a martini after a long day

Up-cycling is all the rage in interior design right now. If the word is completely foreign, allow us to provide you with our own definition – “up-cycling is when unwanted waste materials are re-used to create something beautiful, such as

We’re sure by now you know that Bademiya is the ultimate must visit street stall in Mumbai. Each night, it’s sought out by hordes of customers demanding succulent kebabs and tasty rolls. However, what should you call for once you

While hummus and falafels are good and delicious, our Middle Eastern food weakness is undoubtedly a well-made shawarma. Well grilled meat is stuffed into a roll, along with tabbouleh, tomatoes, cucumbers and fries. If you’re craving one right about now,

Tamil Nadu is revving up to celebrate Pongal in the coming days. Pongal is a Tamilian harvest festival that honours the Sun God, Surya, for providing farmers with ideal agricultural conditions. Pongal is synonymous with a rice dish of the

Mumbai is packed with legendary restaurants with iconic fare that are frequented by hundreds of customers each day. For Parsi food, for instance, there’s Ideal Corner and Jimmy Boy, while for South Indian fare there’s A Rama Nayak’s in Matunga.

Midnight munchies are no fun. They’re likely to rear their head on any night and interrupt you from working, studying, partying, sleeping or whatever it is you do past midnight. And, if you’re faced with a specific craving or an

Everyone who ever sets foot in Mumbai needs to visit the Colaba district at least once. Situated at the southern tip of the city, it’s where one can find the heritage Gateway of India and the famous Taj Mahal Palace

Fancy desserts will come and go, but we’ll always, always have a soft spot (and room) for cake. If you’re of the same opinion, here are Mumbai’s best cakes; let your taste buds go crazy! Belgian Chocolate and Cacao Cake

Happy Friday, foodies! What are you doing this weekend? If you want to take a break from the usual drinking and dancing scenes, why not try something new? These eateries in Mumbai serve delicious food and allow customers to play

Of late, the Kamala Mills Compound in Lower Parel has seen the opening of a variety of new eateries and bars, such as the all vegetarian Sky View Cafe and the Texas-themed Old Wild West. Amidst these newbies on the

Now that they’re done dishing out treats from their festive menus, a collection of restaurants in Mumbai have come up with some brand new menus, timed perfectly with the New Year. Even if you’ve already visited these restaurants, pay them

When you think of quick service restaurants in India, you probably don’t venture past prominent quick service fast food chains like Domino’s, Pizza Hut, and McDonalds. The same is true all over the world where the terms ‘fast food’ and