It’s one pm on a Saturday afternoon and we are seated on a lime green couch in the central kitchen of The Bao Haus Co, watching chef and owner Siddharth Somaiya juggle three different phones. While on one phone he

If we asked you where pizza originated from, you’d have an answer on the tip of your tongue, right? Of course, everyone knows that pizza originated from Italy, created with the hands of artistic pizza chefs. However, what if we

Hello Mumbai! We’ve got a little tit bit of information that may make you sit up straight at your desks and break out into a beaming smile; a new artisanal patisserie that will open its doors in Chembur tomorrow. The

Indian celebrity chef Sanjeev Kapoor, along with Ravi Saxena (behind kitchen equipment company Wonderchef) and two foreign investors have joined together to invest $2 million in ZuperMeal, a Mumbai based start-up. ZuperMeal, which was co-founded by Pallavi Saxena, Balasubramanian A

It’s some time before Christmas, but across the world cake mixing ceremonies have already begun. Cake mixing is when dried fruits are soaked in a variety of liquors in the months leading up to Christmas, so that when they are

Allow us to say aloud what everyone in Mumbai is thinking; ‘what is with this heat?!’ When the skies are not sending down random showers, the sun appears to be trying to fry us all into human-sized pieces of toast.

Mumbai is on a food truck roll! After The Bombay Food Truck announced its entry a few weeks ago, we’ve sniffed out another food truck that will trundle into Kandivali on October 13th; the liltingly named ‘Tasty Trails.’ Run by

Nestled in the Eros building opposite the bustling Churchgate station, Pronto Pizza is in a prime spot to attract students (from the neighbouring colleges), office goers and families alike. As we stepped into the small, yet cosy space, we were

Happy Monday foodies! Don’t sadly dwell on how it’s the start of a work week; instead get excited about these brand new restaurants in Mumbai you can head to after work! What will be your first stop?   Pa Pa

It’s a Wednesday night, and the Hard Rock Cafe in Worli is buzzing. Two groups of corporates have set up camp in the lounge sections of the restaurant, and are competing against each other in an increasingly boisterous singing competition,

Let’s keep this simple. A burger is a synonym for the word ‘love’. When we bite into a well-crafted burger, we feel overwhelming love, for the chef, for the flavours, for our dining companions (provided they don’t ask for a

Happy World Vegetarian Day, hungrians! Even if you’re a complete carnivore, why not give green food a chance today? Head to these restaurants in Mumbai and we guarantee you won’t regret it. SpiceKlub Once visit to SpiceKlub will have you

After food trucks rolled their merry way first into Bangalore and then Delhi, Mumbai has shed all (or most) of its BMC related woes and embraced the food truck culture. Food trucks spread from Dahisar to Parel are capturing foodies’

Germany is currently celebrating their Oktoberfest where the beer loving community comes together to enjoy beer, music, great food and the company of friends. While we would love to be a part of their festives, we can’t afford that plane

Early each morning, if you head to a nearby market you’ll find a plethora of people scrutinising fruits and vegetables suspiciously, asking the vendor again and again to reassure them that their produce is fresh. It’s a similar story for

Across India thousands of Muslims today are celebrating Bakra Eid, a day in which they come together as a family, cook a feast and make offerings to Allah. If you aren’t lucky enough to have been invited to a feast,

Did you know that ‘Hoppippola’ in Icelandic means ‘hoping over puddles’? While one of Mumbai’s favourite night spots with almost the same name, Hoppipola, is thankfully free of puddles (although we had to hop over quite a few to get

Happy Monday foodies! Don’t let the Monday blues get you down, because we have a whole bunch of events happening this week in Mumbai that will make for a week packed with food; i.e awesome. Gobble gobble! Monday: Shravan Feast

In these particularly auspicious months, Sravana, Bhadrapada, Asvina and Kartika, Hindus flock to temples to offer prayers. On their part, temples aid devotees in their quest for spiritual cleansing. During these months, temple kitchens also work overtime to provide devotees

Do you love the delicious, creamy ice creams from Natural’s Ice Cream? One of the most essential elements of ice cream is the dairy that is used to make it; high quality dairy yields gorgeous, smooth ice creams, like the