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Summer is here and everyone is busy getting in shape to show off some muscle at the poolside. They are better than tetra-packs and blended juices because pressed juices are extracted using hydraulic pressure and not by blending or grinding

The drinking age in our country has always been a question mark, hasn’t it? While some states choose to ban it completely like Gujarat, Manipur, Mizoram, Kerala and Nagaland, some states like Goa and Punjab decide to embrace it. While

Online city and lifestyle guide Little Black Book Delhi – run by Iluminar Media Pvt. Ltd. – has secured $150,000 in its first round of funding from a group of angel investors including Google India’s Rajan Anandan, Outbox Ventures’s Niraj Singh,

“Let the darkness not intimidate you, it whispers words of fear as it is ignorant and unsure. Light a candle and the whisper will disappear” Located in the thriving streets of Khan Market, Café Illuminatii instantly draws your attention with

Would you like a cup of Earl Grey tea? Or are you more partial to the ghar style pudina chai? You can get your fill of both at Tea Halt, a group of kiosk cafés in New Delhi.  In search

Momos are a hot favourite among a wide range of food lovers – young, old middle aged, vegetarian or non-vegetarian, these tasty dumplings have managed to become a popular snack for all Delhiites. They are loved as much as the Samosas

The capital loves to gorge on samosa, chhole kulche and pretty much everything the street has to offer. But it’s time we started thinking twice before digging into a plate of our favourite momos or a crunch tangy pani puri.

The market has been seeing a number of start-ups mushrooming the foodtech space. From start-ups that deliver at home to start-ups that take you places, we’ve seen it all. But the dreams are infinite and dreamers avid.    How Did

Vadas, Pavs, Puris and Batatas are things that make up a typical Maharashtrian meal. The land of the Marathas, this state offers a delicious cuisine that includes many classic Parsi dishes as well. Traditionally, Maharashtrians have considered their food to

Delhi has a knack for all things Kashmiri. Kashmiri handicraft, woodwork, embroidery, woolens, rugs find a place in every Delhiite’s home. But oddly the delicate, flavorful cuisine from this beautiful land is yet to make it to the mainstream food

There is alcohol and then there is beer. The drink’s a class apart and not just because it’s a grown man’s drink or any such lame reason but simply because it takes a really strong set of taste buds to

The Northeastern segment of the country is often confused as an almost single entity with similar food, cultures and tradition. That however is far from true. The seven sisters of India vary in many ways, food being one of them.

Yet another acquisition in the e-commerce and foodtech space is in the news. Gurgaon-based Internet Company Askme has acquired Accelity BestAtLowest Online Services Private Limited, a New Delhi-based company that runs online grocery shopping marketplace, for $10 million (approximately Rs 63

Rajasthan is famous for its rich culture, heirloom and ghee and spice-ladden dishes. A state known for its vibrance, the women here are often seen adorning heavy silver jewellery and rich clothing while the men carry off their Kesariya pagdis

Burgers have forever been a common favorite among foodies and fast food junkies. The fact that a patty between two buns with sauce can be loved so dearly the world over is truly amazing. Delhi being a gourmand delight is

Home to thousands of immigrants from Bihar, Delhi caters to a large number of litti-chokha eaters. Bihari cuisine constitutes of basic ingredients that are rich in ghee and spices. For the huge cluster of Bihari food lovers, here are some

Did you think cones were just for ice creams and henna paste? Well, you were wrong. At Cones & Curries in Delhi’s Sarojini Nagar you will be served a traditional Indian dish like chicken malai in a cone shaped naan,

Heads up for tails or HUFT is the reason your pooches should be wagging those cute little tails right now. We had a chat with Rashi Sanon Narang founder of HUFT about her online and offline store,  love for everything ‘pet’

On the run, have a movie to catch or are way past your curfew and in a dire need of catching a quick and sumptuous meal. Rolls are your best friends. Vegetables, chicken, mutton, egg or paneer, you name it

The only good that comes of bearing with the sticky scorching heat is the mangoes. A sweet, succulent bundle of joy, this fruit has made so many summers memorable. To add to those lovely experiences, here are 6 restaurants in