Ladies in Delhi have yet another reason apart from 2016 to drink up courtesy Delhi’s ‘theka mall’ in East Delhi.   Ladies Special Located in the alcohol rich SK Eastend in Mayur Vihar, standing proud amidst many “regular” liquor stores

There is absolutely no such food craving that the Capital cannot satiate. Whether it’s sushi that you desire or a perfectly wood-fired pizza that you want to gobble or simply binge out on butter chicken, Delhi has it set on

Nothing spells out romantic more than red velvet. And nothing makes romance taste this delicious either! From cupcakes, to pancakes to pastries, the red velvet has been a rage. Here are 8 red velvet cakes in Delhi to dilate your

Very soon, Mumbaikars and Delhiites will have the option of ordering hot coffee and sandwiches straight to their door thanks to Cafe Coffee Day’s new home delivery feature. The popular coffee chain has announced that it will be introducing home

It’s only fair to say that the Capital has a rather impressive party scene – be it an occasion or simply a weekend. It is never too difficult to wedge into a good pub, restaurant or disc to party till you

Christmas is more than just decorating a tree, eating a lavish spread and distributing gifts. The festival calls for merry not only in prosperous households, it’s a celebration for everyone and these charities are making sure of just that. Do

The only thing better than a gift is an edible gift. And what better an occasion than Christmas to shower your loved ones with delicious confectionaries? Here are a few places where you can lay hands on the best Christmas

The most exciting thing about Christmas – apart from the gifts – is the food. Holiday meals have a special feel of their own and that is why it is not cooked and served all year long. Here are 12

So what if we have a long weekend coming (all hail Christmas)? We’ll never not need our weekly dose of chilling with a beer and doing nothing. These sports bars in Delhi complete with gaming zones and huge ass projector

What do you call an Italian man’s only reason to give up a flawlessly tailored suit? That’s right, tiramisu. The dessert is the perfect combination of sponge cake, finger biscuits dipped in coffee and mascarpone cheese. Here are 25 restaurants

You can grill, bake and fry them but you just cannot have enough of kebabs! The dish is probably the best legacy left behind by the royals of the gone eras and by far the most delicious gift from the

The Delhi foodies’ calendars have dived into a truck load of food events that’ll keep them occupied through December. But if food is making it big, can drinks be far behind? Say hello to the Delhi Cocktail Week! Starting 12th

Weekends call for parties and parties call for shots. Given that there is nothing more endearing than a vodka or tequila shot, it can never hurt to add some (more) excitement to those shooters. These 7 bars in Delhi have

Cupcakes are perfect. It’s cake, it’s icing and you can gobble up innumerable flavours in one go! But finding that perfect cupcake that nails all aspects of being flawless isn’t half as easy as it sounds. So we’ve saved you

There has been much debate over whether Noida is a true Delhiite or not. Technically it is, practically it isn’t and that is the reason why the city that comes under both UP and NCR often finds itself in an

We all tend to indulge in Bollywood movie marathons sometimes for some escapism. Very often, we become besotted with the characters in the movies and the actors that play them. Why not soak up some stardom at these restaurants owned

Your favourite cocktail is a name cast in stone – undeterred and unchangeable (unless someone offers you LIIT, never say no to LIIT). But that’s true only up to 5 (or maybe more if you’re a tank and super rich),

Instagram can easily be termed as the quickest way one can share with the world what hey are up to; be it travel, fun or food. And with the growing number of users and posts everyday, it is not wrong

It’s almost 2016 and such are our daily needs that we simply cannot function without anything less than a phone that at least talks to us. Keeping pace with the technological advancement, all the aspects of our daily life have

While we are still burping ourself to sleep after this weekend that was the magnificent Palate Fest, the Drool Deities (read, event companies) has planned yet another food-filled calendar for us! This December eat your way to the New Year