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Burgers have forever been a common favorite among foodies and fast food junkies. The fact that a patty between two buns with sauce can be loved so dearly the world over is truly amazing. Delhi being a gourmand delight is

Vibrant culture, heart-warming people, and lip-smacking food; there is no better way to describe this beautiful state. The Gujarati cuisine has a whole different idea of flavors, predominantly sweet and otherwise mostly spicy.  A community that is fond of its

Home to thousands of immigrants from Bihar, Delhi caters to a large number of litti-chokha eaters. Bihari cuisine constitutes of basic ingredients that are rich in ghee and spices. For the huge cluster of Bihari food lovers, here are some

Did you think cones were just for ice creams and henna paste? Well, you were wrong. At Cones & Curries in Delhi’s Sarojini Nagar you will be served a traditional Indian dish like chicken malai in a cone shaped naan,

Heads up for tails or HUFT is the reason your pooches should be wagging those cute little tails right now. We had a chat with Rashi Sanon Narang founder of HUFT about her online and offline store,  love for everything ‘pet’

On the run, have a movie to catch or are way past your curfew and in a dire need of catching a quick and sumptuous meal. Rolls are your best friends. Vegetables, chicken, mutton, egg or paneer, you name it

The only good that comes of bearing with the sticky scorching heat is the mangoes. A sweet, succulent bundle of joy, this fruit has made so many summers memorable. To add to those lovely experiences, here are 6 restaurants in

The Who MBA graduate Ankush Oswal and Saher Motiwala both suffered from obesity as children. Why should that concern you? Using their experiences of struggles with obesity and efforts to eat healthier Oswal and Motiwala launched The Health Box, a

One of the world’s largest restaurant chains, Wendy’s is now in India. Wendy’s franchisee in the country, Sierra Nevada Restaurants, a joint venture between International Market Management (UK) and Rollatainers Ltd (India), officially unveiled its first restaurant in Sector 29

LBB is back for its second edition of Dessert Bazaar! LBB along with Monkey Bar bringing together some of Delhi and Gurgaon’s best home bakers/bakeries and patisseries, drink makers, juice masterminds, and lots more for their annual day dedicated to

Little Owl Café Where: Sector-18, Noida Timings: 8am – 5am Hidden behind Noida’s Sector 18 metro station, this place never sleeps. Though they do take a break from 5 to 8 am but (they) operate throughout the day and well into

Food and music are the best instruments to jazz up your evenings. What’s even better is if you are the source of that music (unless you sound like a dying seal, which is fun only after a few pints). Karaoke

It’s pouring fire on the streets, your skin is ablaze and everything just seems as if it’s burning up, and frankly if you stay put too long you might just melt to the ground. No, you’re not in hell, just

Smoke House Deli Where: Khan Market, Hauz Khas Village This place has an impressive décor and an equally impressive food menu. Whatever you try here is good and their salads are also fresh and delicious. Their Asparagus and Grape smoked

The City of the Mughals, Delhi is now the city of foodies who will hog on anything that starts with butter and ends with makhani. Famous for the typical Punjabi dhabas in its outskirts, Delhi itself is home to a

“Your job’s a joke, you’re broke”, but your love life is a piece of cake (no, literally). If food is your “bae” and your idea of saving money is having a half plate instead of full, then the 500 words

The Capital is known for its scorching heat and freezing winter, both of which call for a scrumptious meal…inside the comfortable premises of cozy restaurants or air conditioned homes. But then along come those afternoons with their perfect breezy weather

We love indulging in the best of the best. It could be couture, cars or cuisine, but the affluent in us don’t mind spending that little extra for a lavish experience, don’t you agree? Well, we thought so till we

We Indians love our beers, and that’s one thing we can all agree on. We drink so much beer that the price of barley has gone up!  But how many of us know beyond our favorite German beers and Scandinavian

Lufthansa announces the launch of the Biggest Aircraft Delhi lands the Biggest Aircraft in commercial history, the A380. Lufthansa launches a direct flight from Delhi to Frankfurt from 8th November 2014.  So all this is good, but wheres the food?