We all tend to indulge in Bollywood movie marathons sometimes for some escapism. Very often, we become besotted with the characters in the movies and the actors that play them. Why not soak up some stardom at these restaurants owned

Your favourite cocktail is a name cast in stone – undeterred and unchangeable (unless someone offers you LIIT, never say no to LIIT). But that’s true only up to 5 (or maybe more if you’re a tank and super rich),

Instagram can easily be termed as the quickest way one can share with the world what hey are up to; be it travel, fun or food. And with the growing number of users and posts everyday, it is not wrong

It’s almost 2016 and such are our daily needs that we simply cannot function without anything less than a phone that at least talks to us. Keeping pace with the technological advancement, all the aspects of our daily life have

While we are still burping ourself to sleep after this weekend that was the magnificent Palate Fest, the Drool Deities (read, event companies) has planned yet another food-filled calendar for us! This December eat your way to the New Year

Delhi winters are becoming a lot like the people of the city. They take forever to arrive and will leave at their own wish – even if it’s a few days too late. But nonetheless, us foodies have the perfect

Hard Rock is here to add some highly boozed fairy lights to your holiday month! The resto-pub has bumped up the number of boozy offerings on its menu, starting today. In addition to the boozy bar, the place will be

Stop eating. Just stop. No, no questions asked just put down that slice of pizza and put away your sandwich. Your stomach is going to have enough to digest in the coming three days so let it take deep breath

The irony with Delhi is that despite not having a culture of it’s own, it is so culturally diverse. You’ll find a Kashmiri family staying in a Bengali colony with best friends from Bihar, colleagues from Tamil Nadu and neighbors from

Friday is here all you party people and this weekend we’ve planned out a sangria calendar for you. Nothing spells out ‘classy cocktail’ better than a glass full of wine infused fruits, orange juice and soda. Here are the Capital’s

Nothing punctuates a Delhi street shopping street better than a plate of deep fried potato topped with spiced yogurt and tangy chutneys. The chaat has slowly come to be one of the main attractions of every street, every corner and

An original from Mumbai (then Bombay), Pav Bhaji was first cooked for mill workers in the 1850s. it has made its way to various other cities and is now a common member of the Delhi Street Food Family. The dish

There is hardly an Indian festival that does not see cauldrons of good rich traditional food. And for those of us who are devoid of any cooking skills (except Maggi), there are certain blessed souls (read, restaurants) who are more

When I was young, I spent a lot of time in the kitchen watching my mom cook. I was always amazed at the speed in which she managed to finish an entire meal for 10, or the way she used

The Capital has received about enough signs in the form of chilly rains and late night mist sheets in the air. The only thing left to see now is the CM’s muffler and it’ll officially be winter. Till that happens,

A couple of years back, using liquid nitrogen to make ice creams was a pioneering idea. But it has been relatively new in India.  The Start: For Cherry Comet, it all started when its to-be founders Rohan Bajla, business consultant

The only thing better than street food is more street food. But how do you stand out on the street among the bustling traffic, drunk-on-garbage flies and still manage to enjoy all the food? Some people have mastered the art

Gurgaon based Twigly is yet another food start up in India that has secured funding, having just announced that it raised $200,000 in its angel round of funding. All About Twigly Established in 2015 by co-founders Sonal Minhas, Rohan Dayal

A Long Island Iced Tea – or LIIT – sets everything straight, unless it’s your dog’s tail. That perfect blend of cola, vodka, tequila, rum, gin and triple sec can bring back the dead. These 7 bars in Delhi have

Cinema and Japanese food fanatics in Delhi have a chance to get their hands on some delicious Japanese chows by Chef Yutaka Saito. PVR Director’s Cut is launching an exciting new food brand called ‘Simply Sushi’. Chef Saito who has