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[dropcap]I[/dropcap]f we are impressed with the dessert that we eat, we waste no time in telling the waiter to give our compliments to the chef. In the baking industry though, the bigger picture shows more than just a chef baking

‘[dropcap]M[/dropcap]y dad knows the head of the entire police department.’ ‘Either you let me go or I start dialing numbers, your choice’. You’ll do anything to worm your way out from the traffic policeman’s clutches, even if it means you’re

’Life is imperfect, except for ice cream.’ ‘Do I-? Of course, I need more chocolate with that!’ ‘Hey Waiter, forget the main course, just bring the dessert.’ When you’re a dessert person, you’ll not hesitate to explore all the tastes

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]f you went to the beach looking for ” those bikinis”, then you must be  in the wrong city. More than anything else, Madras loves its beaches. All our memories are born there. Whether it is touching the waves, making sand hills

It must get one-sided as you keep reading food blogs. Sometimes you need to get into that screen and voice your opinions. With that thought in mind, you’ve definitely got to join these Facebook food groups. 1. The Indian Restaurant

There is a battle coming and I’m warning you to protect yourself with an- Apron. What? Oh, you’ve read it right. SPI is raising the heat with this year’s biggest cooking competition in Chennai; The Cook-Off. This sparks my interest

1. Onion and Tomato chutney No dosa is complete without this chutney by its side. Onion and tomato, two heavily used vegetables, are chopped and blended to bring out a strong taste to this chutney .The flavour tilts a little

Madras day is a matter of pride, a cause for celebration. And what better way to celebrate in the capital city than with the joy of food? It’s time to reminisce about the food that we eat everyday that spells

‘I want to eat something…different.’ Chef Mahesh knows perfectly well what that means. ‘Innovation in food’ is what we got a bite of this Independence Day. The main sentiment behind The Indian and British food festival in VGP Golden Chakra Restaurant was to

3 vs Godzilla Dosa

There is a craving in town, and politicians are stuck wondering how to solve the problem. People want more dosas and they want it now. VGP Annachi Dosai Kadai has always had an ‘I dare you’ approach, and this time the challenge

What have you done today? Read a book? Visited Grandma? Baked a cake? How about ‘Won the Godzilla challenge in VGP Annachi Dosai Kadai’? Oh, yes. The 8 feet stuffed dosa has now been conquered. In an unbelievable record of