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‘I want to eat something…different.’ Chef Mahesh knows perfectly well what that means. ‘Innovation in food’ is what we got a bite of this Independence Day. The main sentiment behind The Indian and British food festival in VGP Golden Chakra Restaurant was to

3 vs Godzilla Dosa

There is a craving in town, and politicians are stuck wondering how to solve the problem. People want more dosas and they want it now. VGP Annachi Dosai Kadai has always had an ‘I dare you’ approach, and this time the challenge

What have you done today? Read a book? Visited Grandma? Baked a cake? How about ‘Won the Godzilla challenge in VGP Annachi Dosai Kadai’? Oh, yes. The 8 feet stuffed dosa has now been conquered. In an unbelievable record of