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Seeing Double.  My father is a traditional South Indian. We, South Indians, will not settle for this “Burger” for dinner. We need our chapathis, gravies and curd. “Give me a bite, or two but please, I’ll have the rest of

With photo sharing becoming quite a thing these days, most restaurateurs have started taking their food plating more seriously. Every social media platform will have a hashtag and a picture of the food people are enjoying with family or friends.

“I’m not a one in a million kind of girl. I’m a once in a lifetime kind of woman.”  These woman have been on the move. You may have seen them bustling in and out of a kitchen, but they

Meet Shree Periakaruppan of Foodology in Chennai. She’s a foodie, cook, cookery show host and a mom- not to mention owner and creator of Foodology. Read on.  “Hi, I am Shree Periakaruppan creator and owner of Foodology, a recreational cooking studio in

Jyothsna Garapati from Jyo’s Pickles is here to inspire you with her heartwarming venture.  Jyo’s Farm Pickles is a newly launched label offering a selection of Andhra pickles, made by hand using traditional methods. Owned by and named after Jyothsna– the

A hard-core Christopher Nolan fan has taken social media by storm. Her traditional minion cakes go before her, and you’ll see why! We heard her story with a heavenly slice of The Dark Knight’s Chocolate Cake. Meet Karthika Sravanthi of Bakeman

Two little girls, 100 kgs of Plum cake and a food blog to manage, Linu Freddy of Linu’s Kitchen is a busy homemaker and baker. We had a chat with her to get the inside scoop.  “I was a software engineer.

We took a trip to Una Mas to meet Vidya Badrinath and had a chat with her over some delectable cinnamon sugar nachos. Here’s what she had to say,  “I’m basically from the US- we’ve been there for 16 years,

We caught hold of Cindhana Manickavel of Sugar Monkeys for a quick word between her Auto-mated, jar and theme cakes. This is what she had to say about ‘monkey-ing’ around.  ” I have a Masters in Public Relations. I come from a typical

A kettle whistling in the corner, some dainty lights, a very moist slice of carrot cake and a conversation with Madulika Sundaram of The Brew Room, Savera Hotel, Chennai.  “Actually , The Brew Room was started by Nivruti Reddy and Tarun Reddy

Don’t you just love those days when you get to dunk your fingers in and lick out that jar of chocolate, cream, mayo or caramel, so darn clean? We do too. And so does Aditi Mammen Gupta from Posh Nosh. We

We get invited to the best parties  18 long years, a 100 employees, countless happy customers and three businesses under one smashing roof. Sam’s got it right, alright. Meet Gunit Singla, of Samskriti– a catering moghul. “We invited a couple of

Here’s a slice from our chat with Kavitha Ajay from ‘Dewberry’s” in Chennai. She’s a new mom and an obvious fruit-lover –and you’ll see just why soon. Read on.  “I worked a couple of years in the family’s garment industry

Cuckoo Club Diner, a gorgeous little American diner in the centre of Chennai on Harrington Road, has been making its rounds in the foodies’ grapevine. What started as one family’s passion for wholesome creative food has become the buzz of

We caught Mathangi Kumar from “That Madras Place” stealing a Pasta Aglio-e-Olio from her kitchen and then she just had to sit down with us and spill the beans. Not the pasta, just the beans.  “An MBA in Finance and a

Mansi Sandesh Reddy from Ox and Tomato in Chennai is a busy lady. We managed to catch up with her as she tossed up another winning pizza and she told us the story of the 4-year old Wood Fired Pizza

We caught up with Shanthala T Medappa, of Old Mercara, and listened with bowls of homemade ice cream to her heartwarming story. Her ice creams, honey, squashes and pepper sold like ‘hot cakes’ at the recent Farmer’s Market in Chennai and that’s

B-U-R-G-E-R. Now you’re smiling.  Paint this picture for me. A steaming hot Burger arrives at your table. The perfect fries sit next to it. Your drink, alcoholic or not is lounging about next to that. And as you hold all

What’s better than whipped cream, you ask? Whipped cream and blueberry, dressing up a gorgeously perfect waffle on a Sunday morning. Everyone’s talking (read ‘Instagram-ing’) about it and we decided to check out what all the noise was about. Waffles

You know those mornings when you wake up on the wrong side of the bed and hate the world for no reason? A good hearty breakfast is what you need to drive that feeling away. You can’t really disagree with