Are you a fan of grilled chicken? Do you believe that you can eat as many as you can without getting tired of it? Well, if you are in Chennai and have faith in your grilled chicken eating abilities, then

You must have heard about the biggest Indo-French food festival happening at Puducherry next week if you weren’t living under a rock. If you do not know about A Bite Of France, you can read all about it over here.

There is a magical allure associated with Puducherry (Pondicherry).  Be it the residents, people from nearby towns and cities, or even people from across the globe; the spell is cast upon everyone. In this quaint little town that is bursting

At Kailash Parbat, it is like the walls have their own story to tell. Quirky with a touch of tradition, the walls are filled with quotes and travel inspired shelves, and the interior will make you feel as if you

It all began when Shantanu Mahanta and Sonal Saxena realized that Indian food is not receiving the larger representation and audience that it deserves. While many other cuisines are finding their footing in this country, eatwithIndia was born out of the

The Pastry shop, an exquisite patisserie at The Raintree, Anna Salai is hosting ‘For the Love of Cake’, for the guests to relish the specially baked, irresistible cakes and pastries. The delicious pastry products are example of innovation and the

Are you looking for a new place to satisfy your sweet tooth cravings? Here are four places that you could check out, and start a life long relationship with them. Brownie Heaven: If you are one of those people who

Maybe we can’t go to Spain to enjoy the taste of the country, but The Park, Chennai has decided to bring the taste of Spain to the country. Ending on 27th of July, Ole Espanol brings the Spanish cuisine to

It’s a beautiful evening, and you are stuck in traffic, craving some amazing crispy samosa from your favourite shop or it’s your mother’s birthday, and you have forgotten to buy her favourite sweets, and now it’s too late for you

Navaratna means nine gems. That is what the menu promises, and that’s exactly what you get. The grand relaunch of Navaratna, the Royal Indian Cuisine saw the evening filled music, glamour and our favourite part, amazing food. The evening started

It’s a Wednesday evening and you just got out of work, and you desperately want to grab a quick bite. Nothing fancy, just a sandwich or a plate of momos before you get stuck in the traffic, and takes a

The Raintree, St Mary’s Road serves sumptuous dishes that come alive with South Indian, North Indian, Chinese and Continental flavours. Rooftop restaurants, bars and lounges inspired by the local cuisine provide a trendy ambiance with a touch of international flair.

Management Development Institute of Singapore, the most sought after institute among Indian students wishing to pursue education abroad, is known for making the students industry ready by offering world-class education. The institute, apart from churning out students with great skills

What do we usually do when we come across chocolates? We gobble them so that our annoying siblings or greedy friends do not finish it. But that is not what a chocolate connoisseur would do. Thanks to Mr. L Nitin

What does one think about when you say Nitrogen freezing or Spherification? The  thought that comes to our mind automatically is the Masterchef Kitchen. The Jai Hind Diner at the Grand By GRT has created a unique food experience for

When we think of regional cuisine, the first thing we think of is home cooked food or places that serve them. You automatically know that you will get something special when recipes used and techniques followed are those that have

Chennai is a sweet city and we love it and its vibrance. Even though there are plenty of delicious varieties of sweets to be found in Chennai, we think that these 5 unique desserts that you get here are an

Galouti kebabs anyone ? If you have never eaten at the Great Kebab Factory at The Radisson Blu, Guindy Chennai, this is the perfect opportunity. If you already have been there then you know that they leave no stone un-turned

Think of Punjabi Cuisine and you will think of one of the most comforting array of foods we have in this country. A Tandoori platter, Dal Makhani or a succulent and creamy Butter Chicken immediately come to mind.  The Rajma

The Chennai Cooking Challenge  has been organising events to promote the healthy spirit of competition and a love of food since May. This time round, they are calling upon all Biriyani Connoisseurs. With the aim of creating a communal experience