One of the great things about Chennai is that food lovers in the city are always open to trying new cuisines and experiencing new things as often as possible. It’s rare that one restaurant in the city would put so

To most people, the mention of Velachery means the area in Chennai where the Phoenix Marketcity mall is located. But there’s so much more to Velachery than just a big mall with everything you could ask for. It’s a very

You’ve heard the name Gulabs everywhere because they’re selling delicious Indian snacks that are familiar but also have something new to offer. And now this Chennai based company is introducing something new to their collection – Tiny Khakhras! Khakhras are

Believe it or not, February is almost over and before the month ends and summer officially sets in, here are all the places you can go, the food you can enjoy, the experiences that you don’t want to forget. Bengali

The great thing about going out to pubs with your friends is that even if there is one friend that doesn’t drink, there’s great food that can be enjoyed. Going out over the weekend isn’t just about getting drunk, it’s

For years, burgers have been the go-to meal for people all over the world. It’s easy and convenient and obviously the fastest way to get your fill of food. Maybe it was introduced to us and the world by McDonald’s,

We, as Indians, love our Chinese food. It’s a known fact that we even have our own version of Chinese food that is nothing like that of what is made in China. But what we also love very much is

On Friday, the Madras High Court ordered authorities to shut down all restaurants and hotels in the city of Chennai that are functioning without adequate parking facilities. After passing the order on a PIL filed, the court posted the matter

Of course you already have plans for Valentine’s Day, but in case you don’t and you’re reading this article think of ways to surprise your significant other or treat them to something absolutely divine and delicious, then let us help

Six years ago, Shitija Nahata started Cupcake Company and introduced Chennai to delicious cupcakes. Despite what she and her husband thought, cupcakes became incredibly popular in the city and tons of other cupcake shops followed. A few years later, Shitija

Most book lovers understand the comfort of reading while eating. So having a restaurant within a bookstore is heaven for anyone who enjoys the company of a book over the company of another person. The new restaurant on Peter’s Road

It’s definitely the season for celebrating and we’re not just talking about love! Batlivala & Khanabhoy and Meena Tai are celebrating their one year anniversary in Chennai this week and customers get to celebrate with them thanks to their “One

There’s just so much to do in Chennai this week and you better make all the plans you can before the weekend gets here. Food festivals are happening every single day and each and every single one of them are

It’s a brand new month and obviously, there are new restaurants that everyone must check out. Whether it’s street food or South Indian food or something new, there’s definitely something for everyone. Chennai is growing as a city in terms

In case you didn’t know it yet, the city of Chennai is filled with restaurants that most people have never heard of or have heard of, but never been. There are so many different varieties of food to choose from

Prepare yourself for a culinary journey unlike any other with the Reunionese Food Festival happening at Crowne Plaza Adyar Park. Located in the Indian Ocean, the Reunion Islands is a French region. Yes, it is far away from the country,

Driving down ECR is always such an adventure because you never know where you’re going to end up once you set out on the road. But the best adventure, while you’re on the ECR, is the fact that you get

For years, Valentine’s Day has been the one day a year when couples do something out of the ordinary, spend lots of money to buy gifts, go on a fancy date or just do romantic things together. It’s one of

SuperChef Chennai is back and this year it’s going to be even bigger. On February 4th and 5th, Madras Cosmopolitan Ladies Circle 38 and Madras Cosmopolitan Roundtable 94 come together for a weekend you will not forget. The International Food

Located on a quiet and beautiful street in Adyar is Chennai’s latest hang out joint. The Good Spot is different from other places you’ve visited in the city. It gives customer a place to relax and hang out with friends,