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Church Street is famous for its bustling shopping experience along with the rows of pubs and restaurants. Whatever you heart desires, you are bound to find it in one of the restaurants located on the busy street. From amazing craft

We don’t know what is it about biryanis but it always seems to hit the right spot whenever we go out of our way to indulge in some. The flavours of the marination of the meat combined with the spices

Sharon Tea Stall on Thippassandra Main Road has been an attraction for many local tea lovers for years. The small and unassuming tea stall is filled with so many different varieties, even famous restaurants and five-star hotels would have re-invent

The second edition of The Great Grover Wine Festival is all set to hit the city of Bengaluru offering an unique experience related to food, and wine. The festival is noted for being the first wine and performing arts festival

One of the biggest festivals celebrated in Tamil Nadu is quickly upon us. The harvest festival called Pongal, or Makara Sankrathi in other parts of the country, is a glorious celebration of the beginning of the harvest season. The day

India seems to be jumping on board the organic food movement. Last year, Sikkim announced that it was taking steps to become the country’s first organic state, while countless restaurants across India have begun maintaining organic plots and serving fresh,

Taj Hotels have announced the opening of a brand new hotel, Taj Bangalore, as part of their ever-growing chain of luxury hotels. This marks the sixth property opened in Bangalore by the Taj Group among its 108 hotels spread across

DropKaffe, the online coffee delivery platform, is venturing into the FMCG model by launching its own coffee based drinks, which will be hitting the shelves of your local stores soon. DropKaffe, launched in March 2015 by three ex-KPMG employees, Chaitanya

It’s time to keep up with the New Year resolutions of eating and drinking healthy. After all, it is still the first week of the new year and we are still in a very particular energetic mood of keeping our

Kebabs are traditionally to be enjoyed only along the streets. Having kebabs in fancy restaurants masks the essence of how they are to be truly enjoyed. With a nice hot cup of Sulemeni Chai to go along with a bite

Ever wanted to swirl wine around and notice the taste and the flavour without having to google it? Now, you can at WEAT, Wine Education, Appreciation and Tasting in Bengaluru. Officially recognised by the Karnataka Wine Board, the Wine Workshop

What do you say to some authentic Latin food along with dancing along to a salsa number? Bengaluru, this is your chance to experience the glorious culture of Latin America at the Latin Food Festival happening on January 17th. The

Bira 91, one of the few handcrafted beers giving competition to the heavyweights in the Indian beer market, has received funding of $6 million from Sequoia Capital, a venture capital firm from Silicon Valley. The investment in Bira 19 is

Start the new year on the right foot with some baking lessons from Chef Cyril Nicolai, Executive Bakery and Pastry Chef of Cafe Noir Restaurant on January 13. The pastry cooking class is part of a monthly series of cooking sessions

We love to indulge once in a while in a luxurious fine-dine setting and enjoy the best of chefs preparing us delicious food and pampering us with delicacies from places we can barely spell. Although we love our local restaurants

Although we have our own regular hanging spots for the weekends, there always comes a time where we get off our lazy butts and go visit some of the new restaurants opening up in Bengaluru. We are extremely wary of

The winter season is upon us and this is the time to indulge in a feast of delectable dishes that cures away the ails of the season. What better way to experience the freshness of a vegetarian fare than at

Coffee plays an essential part in our daily lives. Without coffee, our mornings might be a tad bit more gloomy than usual. From the local stall selling coffee to big coffee houses with amazing decor, you can get your coffee

We usually don’t tend to prefer visiting a vegetarian restaurants unless we are in a dire need of detoxing our body from all the unmentionable things that goes inside on a regular basis. But a few vegetarian restaurants in Bengaluru

We have traveled far and wide to experience the goodness that comes from hogging on delicious sweets on the roads of Bengaluru. We’ve had some good experience with traditional street food fares like chaat and rolls. But, for us, sweets