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Who said Tea Parties are out of fashion? Someone did? Well, that must be before they found out about this beautiful tea event that is to be hosted at JW Marriott tomorrow. Before you ask what is tomorrow? Tomorrow is

When she’s not baking cookies for her children, Deepali Agarwal is whipping up a storm in her kitchen. Why? She’s the baker behind the famous Paaliz Cake Art in Bangalore. Paaliz Cake Art has been delivering themed cakes for years

Let’s start off with an example. You make a resolution that you must start eating healthier. So, you wake up in the morning, and make yourself an egg white omelette for breakfast and have it with fruits and a glass

It’s safe to say that nearly everyone in Bangalore is a foodie. Yes, we Bangaloreans love our food and we are not afraid to proudly adm(eat) it. You need to excuse us for that but we have got food in

Ever heard of the saying – “It always tastes better when it’s free”. We can’t quite remember who said that, but wiser words have never been spoken. This is exactly what Peppermill Bistro had in mind when they made this

Do you like your drinks long? Like super, extremely gigantically long? Then, Social is definitely where you need to be until the end of July. This month, it celebrates its Long Drink Festival which was first sighted in the Church

The Locale:  Located right on top of the legendary Jimi’s on 80 Feet Road, K0ramangala – The Local – Terrace Drinkery has been the talk of the Koramangala crowd for a while now. We walked in feeling a little apprehensive.

Nothing brings people together like food does. We know, we work in food. It’s also the reason why most celebrations and festivals have food as an integral, if not the main , part of the celebration. Often, we end up

‘All good things come in small packages’  It all started off when Nikhil Hegde realized that every dream starts small. After completing the customary engineering degree, Nikhil worked in event management for three years and then decided it was time

Jus’ Trufs takes you on a journey of chocolate with their exclusive and unique chocolate tour that includes a chocolate-making session.  Learn the ancient art of tempering chocolate from our master chocolatiers and get your hands dirty and create your

Ramadan is almost halfway through and the food stalls in and around Bangalore are in full swing providing pots of haleem, sizzling kebabs and aromatic Biriyanis for the foodies of Bangalore.  We have rounded up several of our favourites for

These days, you will be hard-pressed to find a person without a Malayali or Mallu friend. It seems like we are everywhere. Yes, being a Mallu myself, I have no qualms in admitting that you can find a Mallu person

 Yes, Burger King just opened in Phoenix Market City.  We are currently hyperventilating. So bad, that it’s hard to even type this out. After months and months and in some cases, 6 years, Burger King has finally come to Bangalore!

If you haven’t heard about Meghana Foods Biriyani, then the only way we can forgive you is if you’re new to Bangalore. Or if you’re living under a rock. The Biriyani’s reputation has reached legendary status and we couldn’t wait

Yes, our wildest dreams have just come true thanks to Tiny Owl and Grabhouse.  If you thought the Mayweather vs Pacquiao was the battle of a lifetime, think again. Some of Bangalore’s best pizzas are bringing everything to the table.

Burgers are the ultimate comfort food. They embody in one patty and two buns everything that is right in the world. And we, at HungryForever just had to put together a list for you to go on the ultimate burger

So there are night where all you want to do is drink and then go dancing. But what about the other nights? Where you would just like to chill out, sip on some cocktail and let your feet tap so

Breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day. Why? Because your body has just been fasting the entire night and you need to Break Your Fast, get it? Also because it’s the first meal of the day to

We aren’t kidding. We know, we can barely contain ourselves either. The legendary Blue Frog of Mumbai and Pune fame is finally here. Right in Namma Bengaluru.  Excuse us, we are going to jig around for a bit.  Where is

“If it isn’t exquisite, then it isn’t dining”  The Story:  Back in 2009, free spirit and fellow foodie Shubhankar Dhar decided he needed to give up his maverick ways and choose a career. He followed his stomach which was also