Episode 2 of our series with John Eapen of Tales of Froth took us to one of the more famous microbreweries in Bengaluru, Arbor Brewing Company. Arbor is famous for its use of different ingredients to produce some of the

UEFA 2016 is underway and we have reached the exciting knockout stages of the competition. Although most matches are played during the late night hours, there are still some exciting moments in the competition which can be enjoyed during the

The Dim Sum Festival at High Ultra Lounge in Bengaluru promises to bring the authentic Cantonese flavours to the roof tops of Bengaluru. Curated by Chef Myo Zaw Aung and his team, the varieties of dim sums served as part

In midst of our busy work schedule, we tend to forget that special guy in all our hearts who gave us everything and more during our lives. Although a solitary day per year doesn’t come close to making up for

Carnivals take us back to our childhood where pops and trinkets were the norm and life was as illuminating as those spectacular firework shows. The true essence of a carnival is to bring joy to people of all ages and

During the month of Ramadan, we are always in the mood to enjoy traditional cuisine which is usually served up in several street food joints across the city. Bengaluru has some world-renowned food streets which are brightly lit and burgeoning

When you think about Indian cuisine, the first word that comes to your mind is the word ‘spice’. Spices form the backbone of our cuisine, from the hills of Kashmir, all the way down to the tip of Kanyakumari. Bangalore

Let’s face it, we are always looking for good deals when we wish to indulge in a weekend of frolicking fun. Although, we tend to throw away the cash like it’s going out of fashion during the first few weekends

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Swiggy, the online food delivery platform, has tied up with Telengana’s most famous restaurant, Pista House, to deliver Haleem right to your doorstep on the occasion of Ramadan. The dish will be delivered to customers ordering from Hyderabad, Bengaluru and

EXCLUSIVE OFFERS FROM SOCIALITE CARD: 1. Buy 1 ‘Karimeen’ or ‘Sheer Fish’, get a mango shake as free and get 20% off on minimum bill Rs.699/- on whole week. 2. Buy 3 Non-veg sadhya combo meal, get 1 veg sadhya

Bengaluru Marriott Hotel’s Whitefield Bar and Grill won the coveted ‘Restaurant of the Year’ award at the World On A Plate food festival. The restaurant, which was launched in April of this year, won the award based on its signature

The Dragon Boat Festival is one of the more famous festivals in China with numerous activities marking the day of grandiose and glamour. Traditionally, the Dwanwu Festival is celebrated by spending time with your loved ones eating traditional Chinese delicacies

There’s a new buzz around town and it goes by the name Treatcard. Wait, what? You haven’t heard of it. You must be living under a rock. We’re guessing you haven’t heard of it because you’ve been too busy paying

It’s been a long time coming. We published a list of places where you can improve your drinking game (capacity) in and around Indiranagar. The hotspot for food and drinks has lined up many places to get your grub on

Craft Beers in India have gradually taken over the bottled beer craze with a promise of fresh brewed beers with innovative flavours and inspiring techniques. Even with numerous local and international breweries making their presence known in the ever-growing microbrewery

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An evening with Kinsey Johnson at High Ultra Lounge gave us a look into a wondrous world of Molecular Mixology, one filled with smoke, fire and some greatest spectacles known to mankind. Kinsey Johnson, a renowned molecular mixologist from Australia,

HSR Layout is a bustling mix of residential and commercial space which serves as the hub to connect several IT hubs in the city. The place is filled with restaurants which serves cuisines that touches several hearts. If you are