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Christmas is the time to give and there are always a lot of people in need, especially during the holidays. Taking note of the fact that there is always someone who needs help, it is crucial in giving our love

Christmas is the time for celebrations filled with gifts and goodies. The perfect Christmas gift for us will always be something which we can inhale during the course of the entire Christmas day. Cakes and chocolates are the perfect gifts

Finding a right place to celebrate Christmas Eve or Christmas is somewhat difficult, especially if it requires satisfying your loved ones with the right kind of feast. We understand your plight and that’s why we are giving you the right places

Ever wonder how those celebrity chefs on television make pieces of paneer or vegetable look so perfectly grilled? There are some tips and tricks to attaining the right flavour and texture for the perfectly grilled vegetables and it requires some

Ubiquitous Foods has raised an undisclosed amount of funding from Kalaari Capital bringing the total funding to Rs. 25 crores. Ubiquitous Foods will invest the funding in expansion of its Eatfresh brand which serves over 10,000 customers in around 15 areas

Breakfast is the first meal of the day and is essential in giving fuel to the body to help you throughout the day. Breakfast provides energy and helps you concentrate and focus on your work by increasing the glucose levels

Farmers’ Market by Karen Anand brought an elaborate culinary shopping experience to the foodies of Bengaluru this past weekend (Dec 12-13) with a display of organic produce, wines from the local distilleries and home-made artisanal chocolates. As part of more

Mamagoto has released its seasonal menu in welcoming in the cold winter, which also means celebration of the holiday season. The Pan-Asian restaurant will be treating its patrons to a customised winter menu encompassing of all that makes us feel

Does exquisite chocolates along with delicious whiskey sound like your kind of evening? If that tickles your fancy, you should be at Drinks on MG Road today, December 11th, at 7PM for a night of dinner, dance, whiskey and chocolates.

Late night hunger pangs makes us feel inherently awful. Although cooking food is an option, let’s face it, no one is in the mood to prepare something the fills the stomach at 2AM in the morning. When you are partying,

Hard Rock Cafe in Bengaluru welcomes the holiday season with a special menu catering to the lovers of the glorious creation that is LIITs (Long Island Iced Tea). With their ‘High Spirits’ menu, the bartenders at HRC have concocted 10

Momos are the delicate and comforting food that you have when you are feeling a little down and you need something healthy to pick yourself up. Momos are made for all, the health conscious and the, well, not so health

Social has been the go-to watering hole for the elite and the young crowd what with their snazzy decor and amazingly delicious food. Social has the perfect ambiance to kick back and enjoy the weekend (or weekday), and having a

New restaurants are popping up at every corner it seems in Bangalore. A new pub for all you beer chuggers, a vegetarian restaurant for all the health conscious, there is something available for everyone to grab a share out of.

Indian Cuisine has so many variations reflecting the culture and food for us lies in the core of our heart. But there is something else engraved in our hearts too, Bollywood. Our celebrities have distinct tastes in food – from

The beauty of French cuisine comes from its years of tradition in the culinary fields, transforming it into one filled with elegance and authenticity. Traditional French cuisine is one made and presented with an intricate style, making it one of

There is a significant need to introduce nutritional eating options in our diets to improve our general health. With  information and knowledge about nutrition and health benefits available to us more than ever, we should change the traditional routines of

Cafe Coffee Day will now be available to you at your doorstep. Partnering with Swiggy, the hyper-delivery startup, CCD will have its plethora of coffee and short eats available to be ordered through the Swiggy app. Although coffee shops such

Juicy kebabs and rolls are available everywhere, but the essence of  their flavours lies on the streets. The variety of these succulent dishes can only be enjoyed with a close group of friends standing on the corner of a road

Calling all dessert lovers and budding home chefs! The Sugar Free Dessert Challenge is traveling around the country and this is your chance to impress with the best dessert recipes from your kitchen. If your recipe is the ultimate dessert lovers