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Fresh amidst the controversy surrounding the Maharashtra meat ban, Bangalore made a surprise announcement. Sale of meat during Ganesh Chaturthi is banned, that is tomorrow there will be no sale of meat.  The circular was issued by Bengaluru civic body

There are just those days, when you can’t wait for it to get over. Time seems to be trudging along, teasing us, letting us know we need to wait just a bit more before we can rush home and curl

When we heard about a new cafe in Sadashivnagar called Cafe Inxs, our first thought was ‘like the band?’. You have to admit the name Inxs with its unique spelling has a number of underlying meanings and had the added

A few days ago we reported that Paris had finally caught on with urban eating after resisting the food truck wave for a long time. Now, it seems that the Parisian trend has caught up with Bangalore.  What are we talking

For years, we have heard about the legend of Blue Frog. Mumbai-kers couldn’t stop talking about it, Delhi-ites were gushing over Blue Frog and then there was us, wallowing in our self-pity. Then one fine day, we passed by Church

Over the years, Bangalore and its residents have come to be known by the different phases we seem to be going through as we make our transition into being (if we aren’t already) one of the most diverse and I

While binge eating and drinking spree on the weekend, you promise yourself Monday onwards you’re going to start your much delayed diet. Then you plan to hit the gym in the evening. Come Monday, your resolve dissolves and your promise yourself

It’s the time of the harvest in Kerala which is traditionally celebrated as Onam and like all celebrations and everything happy, Onam is celebrated with food. And lot’s of it.  But it’s not just any food. Meals during the three

Sushi has been comfort food for the soul. It has captivated the hearts and stomachs of people all over the world. From conveyor belt sushi to high-end sushi in 5-star restaurants, people throng to get the perfect sushi.  Sushi has

If you haven’t heard of petit fours before, we will tell you all about it. We didn’t know until we went by Aubree last year. Petit fours are these adorable little pastries that in French literally translates into ‘small ovens’. 

The Vegan Diet has recently captured the hearts and stomachs of people the world over. The Vegan diet essentially forgoes the use of animal products in any form and has had positive results in vegan dieters the world over. If

Last weekend played host to the Bangalore Food Fete as Bangaloreans scrambled to Marathahalli to witness a spectacle in its own right. It’s always a spectacle when there’s food involved, right? Bangalore Food Fete had 28 restaurants coming together to

The Feel: The moment you lay your eyes on the spectacularly white building with its quirky sign, you know you’re in for a happy time. There’s something about being surrounded by so much white that makes you feel open to

A couple of years ago, there stood a quaint little hookah parlor on the lesser known 100 feet road around Ramaiah College. The hookah parlor known as Kargeens was the sanctuary of the students around Ramaiah College (including me) and

Who said Tea Parties are out of fashion? Someone did? Well, that must be before they found out about this beautiful tea event that is to be hosted at JW Marriott tomorrow. Before you ask what is tomorrow? Tomorrow is

When she’s not baking cookies for her children, Deepali Agarwal is whipping up a storm in her kitchen. Why? She’s the baker behind the famous Paaliz Cake Art in Bangalore. Paaliz Cake Art has been delivering themed cakes for years

Let’s start off with an example. You make a resolution that you must start eating healthier. So, you wake up in the morning, and make yourself an egg white omelette for breakfast and have it with fruits and a glass

It’s safe to say that nearly everyone in Bangalore is a foodie. Yes, we Bangaloreans love our food and we are not afraid to proudly adm(eat) it. You need to excuse us for that but we have got food in

Ever heard of the saying – “It always tastes better when it’s free”. We can’t quite remember who said that, but wiser words have never been spoken. This is exactly what Peppermill Bistro had in mind when they made this

Do you like your drinks long? Like super, extremely gigantically long? Then, Social is definitely where you need to be until the end of July. This month, it celebrates its Long Drink Festival which was first sighted in the Church