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For any hearty meal, most Indians crave for Biryani more than anything else. Bangalore brings together a variety of biryani styles from various parts of India. Whether you are looking for a vegetarian biryani or biryani laced with spiced meat,

Biryani is judged by the tenderness of the meat and the fragrance of the long grained rice. The layers of curry and rice result in a splash of contrasting flavours of the rice, sauce and meat.Mutton Biryani, unlike other kinds

Biriyani is one dish that is loved by all equally. If you’re craving for some really good Biryani, you cannot go wrong with a hot place of Chicken Biryani. The Thalassery Biryanihas made its way from Kerala to the restaurants

At Taj Hotels in Bengaluru, International Women’s Day is a special occasion to celebrate the wonderful women in our lives. With the day fast approaching, Taj Hotels in Bengaluru has organised some special events and packages to indulge and pamper

JP Nagar is a quaint residential neighbourhood which houses some of our favourite pubs and restaurants. One of the reasons we visit JP Nagar is to get away from the hustle and bustle of other areas and grab a cold

The flavours of the Middle East comes to Bengaluru with an exclusive date with Middle Eastern cuisine at the Levantine Food Festival at Sheraton Grand Bangalore. A wide variety of flavours is bound to take you on a trip to

Middle Eastern cuisine comprises of several regions in the Middle East giving it a unique and varied taste. The ingredients and the flavours of the dishes serves as a reminder of the diverse culture of the area. From your traditional

Smaash, the immersive gaming and entertainment zone in Bengaluru, has launched ‘Mighty Small’, an all-new, first of its kind, carnival themed cafe and bar. ‘Mighty Small’ is the brainchild of Shripal Morakhia, Chief Imagination Officer of Smaash in association with

Authentic Andhra cuisine is known for its spicy dishes and the spices will be overflowing at Bonsouth in Bengaluru during their Spicy Andhra Food Festival. Bonsouth is known for bringing forth the flavours of the four southern states but during

I Brand Beverages, the makers of premium spirits, is set to enter three new states in India to bring its total reach in the country to 14 states. The Bangalore based spirits maker also has plans to go international with

Indiranagar is the foodie capital of Bengaluru. The city’s famous restaurants, pubs and microbreweries are located in Indiranagar, which also doubles as a shoppers paradise. There are no less options for people trying to figure out what they want to

Leap day is upon us and we are always finding an excuse to go out and hog a bit more than usual. What better way to kick off an extra day of hogging than enjoy sumptuous spread of lunch buffets

Sunday evenings are usually a depressing affair with the though of the entire work week ahead of you. After all, the weekend is coming to an end and Monday blues are about to hit you very hard.  If you are

Traditional South Indian food hits the streets of Bengaluru with the Big Fat South Indian Feast at Southindies in Bengaluru. The authentic tastes and flavours of the four major Southern states will be on show during the festival where you can

Craftsvilla is entering the online gourmet food marketplace with the acquisition of PlaceofOrigin, a Bengaluru based ethnic food e-tailer. Craftsvilla is known for its ethnic products, from clothes to jewellery and home decor, and the acquisition of Place of Origin

We love a good pizza. Nothing makes us feel full on in the inside and the outside quite like a good slice of pizza. A well-made pizza topped with mouth-watering toppings is the best cure to any ailment. Although we

Those delicious bars of chocolate that you frequently pick up on your way back home never seems to stay for too long in your fridge, does it? Let’s admit it, everyone is obsessed with the wondrous creation that is chocolate

The exquisite flavours of Thai cuisine is set to be unveiled on a grand stage at Shiro in Bengaluru. The Thai Food Festival, beginning on February 18th, will bring out the essential flavours of the traditional Thai cuisine with some

Jeevan Bheema Nagar in Bengaluru is a quiet residential area filled with working class professionals and families. Although there aren’t too many restaurants in the area, there are a quite a few number to satisfy whatever you are craving at

Chinese New Year has come and gone but that doesn’t mean you cannot continue to enjoy mouth-watering dishes from the traditional Chinese cuisine. Head on down to Wangs Kitchen in Bengaluru and fill up your plate and stomach with unique