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Street food has always been a staple in the arsenal of a self-proclaimed foodie. It is cheap, delicious and each bite goes down as smoothly as the previous one. The idea of walking along the streets of any city and

The holiday season just ended and the waistline is a little larger than usual. Finding it a little difficult to trim down before the Christmas season rolls upon us? What a perfect time to indulge in the month long celebration

There are numerous concoctions of cocktails available to suit every “social” drinker. From weird ingredients to different varieties of spirits, making cocktails helps you channel your inner creativity. As long as it is tasty and somewhat easy on the wallet,

It’s a lazy Sunday. You’ve had a difficult week at work and have a distinct desire to relax and have a nice sumptuous meal served right to you. What better way to spend the day marked for relaxation with a

We love chicken wings. Whether we order it along with a main course or for that perfect accompaniment to an ice-cold beer, chicken wings are the chameleons of the starters world. They can blend with whatever you are having and

Tired of the stale and mundane food that you hog down every day? Are you eager to try out that exotic fish dish served from the extreme depths of the ocean? Food Festival India is coming to Bangalore on November

We have all heard of the raving reviews of Biryani from Hotel Niyaaz in Belagavi, otherwise known as Belgaum. In college, I even had a few friends take the train all the way to Belgaum for just the biryani. Yes,

Three Dots and A Dash opens up its doors on November 20th and will be Bangalore’s first Tiki Bar.  What is a Tiki Bar?  A Tiki Bar is an exotically themed restaurant that derives its colourful decor and tropical cocktails

The conscience of giving back to their community has paved the way for strong CSR activations and progammes to find a place in every Corporate’s realm of existence. Following the lead that big MNC’s have shown, younger counterparts have put their efforts and

Around 2 years ago, I had the wonderful opportunity to visit the land of chocolates – Belgium. While at one of their many chocolate stores, I noticed this little sign and I thought, this should be the motto of all

Yauatcha is the only Michelin-starred restaurant in Bangalore and when they opened their doors 2 years ago, the foodies in the city jumped with joy. It’s hard to imagine that it’s been two years already for one of our favourite restaurants in

Street food has always been inviting, welcoming and we can’t resist when we walk by those street stalls whose aroma just pulls you in. When you’re on a diet, this can be particularly hard and it’s almost impossible to will

After a long week, all we long to do is relax and unwind. And while some people choose to do it with food which we are completely on board with, there’s nothing like a cold drink or two to kick

SID “South Indian Delicacy” now at Indiranagar, near ESI Hospital, brings you authentic Tamilnadu Brahmin cuisine focusing on quality of the food and serving to the content of the guests’ hearts. Promising good food, good taste and good health. One

If you’re ever in London and looking to have Indian food, Cinnamon Club is sure to be on any list worth looking into. If you can’t make it to London, don’t worry. Chef Vivek Singh’s famous London restaurant is coming

Meet Faizan Khan, the young entrepreneur and restauranteur, who started off with a very small dream. To serve the necessity of the people around him. When Faizan was in his final year of BBM in M.S Ramaiah college, he noticed

Pizzas are the ultimate comfort food. There’s something about seeing all those vegetables and meat, on a bed of sauce with cheese just melted on the top that is just comforting for the soul. I don’t know about you guys,

When I was working in the IT Sector, the evening Vada Pav and Chai was the highlight of my day. Lunch was hardly an extravagant affair, so it all came down to the evening tea break with colleagues and it

Women are known to suffer from osteoporosis, a disease that weakens and thins bones, making them fragile and prone to fractures. It is just that America has it statistics in place, but women all over the world are inclined toward

Mavalli Tiffin Room Mavalli Tiffin Room on Lal Bhag Main Road just cannot be missed! It is one of the oldest restaurants in Bangalore that resonates the intrinsic culture, let me not list its menu, it has most of what