Nestled in the heart of the busy streets of Koramangala is a café like no other. Dyu Art Café aims to fuse together two elements essential for an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city – food and

Few beverages can have us hooked and licking our lips quite like hot chocolate. It’s a drink that reminds us of warmth and comfort and everything that’s nice in the world. What is it about a hot mug of chocolate

Food Trucks have been the latest in Bangalore’s food trends. In the past year, the vibrant American food culture has spread to Bangalore and stuck. Whether it’s to grab a quick lunch break from office or after college, or on

What started as a catering service in December 2011 has blossomed into a cute little restaurant in Indiranagar. We had heard the word Chinita synonymous with the phrase ‘Mexican Food in Bangalore’, we decided to go by and check it

“FreshMenu. FreshMenu. FreshMenu.” – It seems to be on everyone’s tongue these days. All they can talk about is how rad FreshMenu is and we have been silently listening cursing them in our heads. Why? Because FreshMenu hadn’t started their

We love indulging in the best of the best. It could be couture, cars or cuisine, but the affluent in us don’t mind spending that little extra for a lavish experience, don’t you agree? Well, we thought so till we

Hey, we don’t need to tell you about the drinking culture in Bangalore, do we? We love our alcohol, and we are proud of it. But like everything else, inflation has hit our beloved pubs as well, forcing us to

You could be at any of their 8 outlets in the city, but we went to their first. The one in the impressive Embassy Golf Links. Surrounded by a plethora of food chains in their well-equipped food court, California Burrito

If you are a foodie (you obviously are, you’re reading this) and if you don’t know about Binge, well, then you might be living under a rock. Binge is the newest and hottest mobile app on the block. And you

We all know and love Rasta, which at one point, was the only restaurant that served delicious pizzas and the best hot chocolate ever -post 11.30 when Bangalore’s curfew was in effect. The curfew has relaxed a bit, but we

We have heard plenty about Aubree, the dessert lounge. We decided to drop by and check it out. One look at the store and you know you are in for a treat. The entire store is painted in white-highlighting the

We all have extremely long days and even seemingly longer weeks. At the end of a long day, you want to go home, relax and lie back on your couch, flip through channels or reread your favourite Harry Potter book.

Cupcakes are the perfect miniature version of cakes. They embed everything that a slice of cake has to offer. And they look extremely cute doing it. Even the most ardent dieter will think twice if a cupcake is placed in

We have our places for the perfect date night. We also have great bars around the corner which are the perfect places to unwind after that really exhausting week. But what about your kids? Yes, dining out at Pizza Hut

Are you sick of the judgmental looks from those meat-lovers? You know what we are talking about, the one of pity and shock when they realize you prefer soups, salads, panner and tofu to meat. Your options may be limited,

The Italians displayed sheer brilliance when they created this circular bread with toppings that has us on our knees. And yes, we love our Dominos and our Pizza Huts, but there is something about the wood fire oven, thin crust

Indian Angel Networks Services Pvt. Ltd. (IAN) and IT giant Infosys co-founder Kris Gopalakrishnan have invested an undisclosed amount in Bengaluru startup FreshWorld. As part of the deal IAN investor Nagaraja Prakasam, who led the deal for IAN, will join

If you love singing and you’re normally singing in the bathroom or humming while walking, then it’s time to take it to the next level. Head to the Karaoke Bar closest to you and belt your heart out. Trust us,

However old you get, there is no birthday without a birthday cake, is there? Somehow your birthday just isn’t complete without wishing that birthday wish while blowing out the carefully counted candles (if you’re old, then the number of candles

The World Cup is here. The once-in-four-years extravaganza that has our cricket-loving nation at a standstill. Literally. If you were out on Sunday during the India-Pak clash (Really, you were out?) you would have seen how empty the streets were,