1.Paneer Noodles Recipe A non-spicy paneer noodles is a delicious Indian recipe served as a Main. Noodles are a staple food in many cultures made from unleavened dough which is stretched, extruded, or rolled flat and cut into one of a

Sunday brunch plans can be daunting (to say the least) finding a place with everyone’s vibe, cuisine and price point can be a bit of a pickle. However, we aim to please so we’ve combined a list of all the

Sometimes, after a long week all you want to do is unwind at a luxurious restaurant with some great food, drinks and conversation. We’ve got you covered; here are the most expensive restaurants in Mumbai that guarantee a good time.

Urban dwellers across India are familiar with the green and white Starbucks logo, which precedes a Starbucks cafe. These cafes offer customers a range of deliciously brewed coffees, teas and food as well as a relaxed dining expereince. Now, Starbucks

A very easy to make masala fish marinated in a range of spices and coated in semolina before frying. Served with a sweet and tangy warm cabbage and kiwi salad.

Shangri-La Hotel, Bengaluru will celebrate the first anniversary of its vibrant rooftop bar-lounge, Hype on 27th May 2017 and we’re all invited! So, bring out your partywear and clear your schedules because this is going to be an epic one.

Bihar has been quite a frequent visitor under the limelight. After garnering bulks of praises for the BYF’s Roti Bank venture in Patna, the state is now making news on an International level. The superstar this time is Bihar’s traditional food,

Street food makes for an intrinsic part of the Capital’s foodscape. From spots that go years back to popular new nooks, the city is speckled with a throng of street food vendors, populous gallis, shops, and even sit-down restaurants that

Mumbai’s khau gallis offer Mumbaikars sublime (yet cheap) street food dining; it’s no wonder they’re packed to the brim with hoards of people each day. One of the most well-known khau gallis is the Ghatkopar khau galli, near Ghatkopar station

If you have even a single, functioning social media app on your phone I can assure you that you’ve at least seen a glimpse of rolled ice cream. This ice cream trend originated in Thailand as a street food and

The news that there has been an increase in tax under the Goods and Services Tax (GST) for restaurants has been doing the rounds. The Tamil Nadu Hotels Association has called for a strike to protest this unfair increase on

Most people think of breakfast as a rather mundane act. You eat your breakfast (or if you’re like me, don’t eat your breakfast) as if by habit, never thinking that the mere act of eating breakfast could, in fact, lead

Experience the exquisite taste of Thai cuisines with a Set Meal at Benjarong Benjarong, the favorite destination for Thai food lovers in Chennai has introduced a new set menu for guests at its outlet in TTK Road. This four course

Sadly, the weekend has come to an end. However, that just means that we can start planning for next weekend, yay! If you’re a parent or a sibling to a kid who likes baking (what kid doesn’t like baking, sugar

If you’ve ever had a serious sugar craving while in Chandigarh, chances are that the locals would have directed you to this heavenly place called “Nik Baker’s”. And chances that you would’ve wanted to put life and everything else aside

A team from the Food Safety department were on a mission this Friday when they set out to Marina Beach. Based on complaints,around 300 hundred food stalls in the 3 km stretch between Anna Square and Lighthouse were raided and

Last month, we introduced you to the The Good Life Company (TGL Co), a luxury tea start-up which was looking to raise $1 million in investments. Less than a month later, the tea company has joined hands with actress and

One quick and easy way to make a side dish for a favorite grilled herb potato.

Kesar pista kulfi ice cream recipe is a popular Indian ice cream dessert recipe.

Cafe Felix is the answer to every foodie’s prayers. Brought to Bengaluru by Rishad Nathani of Breadbox Hospitality and his team: Chef Nitin Kulkarni and Shreya Shanbhag, known for the ultra uber The Clearing House in Mumbai, and I have no