Celebrate the weekend with beer, your friends and a lot of fun at The Beer Café as they are offering beer for just Re.1. The café is organising The Great October Beerfest and is offering beer for dirt cheap prices

So, Kingsman: The Golden Circe hit theatres today and we cannot keep calm even a tiny bit! (Do not pretend to understand what we mean unless you haven’t seen the first part. It’s not too late to watch it now,

Food observance days in India are unheard of and is a new buzzing concept. While each region is popular with their own style of chutney, each home might have their little secrets too. Marking 24th September as Chutney Day, Mumbai

We all know why October is a great month for most of us – hint: it involves copious amounts of beer and German roots. If flying all the way to Munich is out of your budget this Oktoberfest (but still

INK 303, one of the most preferred resto-bar in the city since past one year will be celebrating its 1st anniversary with an extensive range of activities for its guests. The celebrations begin on 22nd September 2017 and continue until the

There are a number of factors that set apart Naachiyaar Kitchen from the other restaurants in the city. For Chef Ram Prakash, who trained under Chef Jacob, a prominent figure in the culinary world, it was important to put forward

Oktoberfest is a grand festival in Germany and the popularity has spread around the globe. Being celebrated in Pune as well, many bars and restaurants have planned various offers and events around this occasion. The lounge we’re talking about takes

Delicious food, blurry cocktail nights, kick-ass music and loads of fun. This is all Mumbai-ites need to refuel during the weekend. So here are 5 places you can head to for unlimited fun this weekend in Mumbai. Shiro Get ready

This Oktoberfest, celebrate in an actual Biergarten! If you’re looking to experience the real thing, complete with outdoor bench seating and 1-liter mugs of beer then head over to the Biergarten in Whitefield for an authentic Oktoberfest experience! The Biergarten

November will bring for us one of the country’s biggest and most expansive food and beverage exhibitions – World Food India. Organised by the Union Ministry of Food Processing Industries, the event will give manufacturers, entrepreneurs, and sellers an opportunity

Is there a particular place that you have always wanted to try but it is way out of your budget? Are you always on the lookout for recently opened places? Do you always miss out on excellent deals and offers?

Nine Divine Nights Of Navratri Celebration Navaratri is a festival dedicated to the worship of Hindu deity Shakti. The word Navaratri literally means nine nights in Sanskrit, ‘nava’ meaning nine and ‘ratri’ meaning nights. During these nine nights and ten

Could it BE any hotter? Actually, yes it could. Thanks to a cloud burst in Shimla, the Capital is enjoying a rather pleasant May. But will that stop us from our ‘beat the heat’ rituals? No. We shall still guzzle

Shangri-La is turning 2 years old this September 24th and, obviously, there’s going to be a massive celebration! The best part? You can be a part of it (yay)! The hotel’s culinary brigade spearheaded by Executive Chef Anurudh Khanna will

The Mandarin Chinese term ‘Ni Hao’ is used as a greeting, which means ‘hello’, however, it literally translates to ‘you good’ in English. And ‘good’ would be an understatement if we had to describe the latest addition to Noida’s Chinese

Navaratri is the time that marks the end of monsoons and the beginning of a grand festive season. The fervour of Dandiya, Falguni Pathak concerts, fasting, aartis and a whole lot of fun is guaranteed in the city. If you’re

We all know SodaBottleOpenerWala as that delightful restaurant with an Irani Cafe feel and killer Parsi food. However, they are also home to some amazing ‘exotic’ (their word, not mine) cocktails with quirky names that sound oh, so delicious. The

Summer is slowly wearing off and we can almost feel the onset of the colder months. And along with that come a bounty of beautiful festivals and, of course, food. Kicking off the season of the great Indian festivities is

We all hate Mondays and Tuesdays, oh well, all work days. But, we’ve always got ways to take a pause, have delicious food and crazy cocktails and rejuvenate! Here are some awesome places you can go and do just that!

The wafting aroma of the Galouti Kebabs at the live counter and the freshly tossed tandoori rotis tempted us to wait for nothing and delve straight into the feast. Such was the grandeur of the royal Awadhi feast prepared at