Winning a Michelin star for her restaurant Gaa located in Bangkok, Garima Arora has become the first female Indian chef to receive this honour. She has been chef de partie at Copenhagen’s Noma as well as worked with Gaggan Anand

Intrigued? So were we as we walked into Soy Soi, the casual dining restaurant at Kotturpuram, Chennai, that offers Asian street food with a touch of elegance. Popular for their Burmese, Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian and Singaporean cuisine, the place pulls

If the two world leaders are dining on a spread of exotic preparations, should the public be far behind? Restaurants in Singapore say no. Food joints in the island country are honoring the coming together of two world leaders, Donald

For over a century now (130 years, to be exact), Coca-Cola has been synonymized with soft drinks and soda. An image that may soon be painted over because the beverage giant has an all-new not too soft beverage on the

There are many fruits that have edible peels but many like bananas, oranges, mangoes don’t. However, there are bananas with edible peels that do exist in the world and this happens organically in D&T Farm, Okayama Prefecture situated in Western

First, let’s talk about the World’s Smelliest Fruit, Durian. It is an Asian fruit which has such a potent smell that it is banned on the Singapore transit, no kidding! But is it edible? Yes, absolutely and in fact it

Want to try cooking some of the Malaysian and Singaporean dishes at home? Here we have recipes for everyone.The complete collection of all our precious heritage recipes, consisting of traditional multi-ethnic dishes to revised versions of old goodies. 1.Singapore Rice

A perfectly curated list of top 10 beer brands in Malaysia from HungryForever. 1.Carlsberg The first of the two green-labelled beer giants in Malaysia is the Danish brew Carlsberg. Marketed as the nation’s No.1 beer, this flagship lager for the Carlsberg

A few weeks back Manforce had us reaching out for some cold water and talcum powder when they announced their notorious pickle-flavoured contraceptives called ‘achaari masti’. And just in case you thought you couldn’t squirm any further, think again. Malaysian

We love Japanese food, whats there not to love about it. Be it Sushi, Tempura, Yakitori, we love them all. But we often forget how much we do not about a particular cuisine. So, let us tell you about something

In a major public – and political – ‘oops’ moment, UK Prime Minister Theresa May and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe exchanged rather mismatched gifts on the former’s visit to the far Eastern country. While May’s gift was priceless and

Before your head down to Thailand for your next vacation, here is one thing that you need to know. If you are caught taking a selfie with your alcoholic drink, then you are in deep trouble. Thailand’s party life and

If you are familiar with Chang beer and Sangsom beer, then you must know the giants behind them. Thai Beverage is now venturing into fast food business after seeing the demand for fried chicken in the Asian market. Thai Bev

The Thai netizens slammed the people who put up pictures on Facebook where they could be seen boozing and eating and McDonald’s. This happened at the outlet at Ratchaburi and the party people were eating fried chicken and fries and

We’ve seen cheese in a number of forms, from wheels to cubes and slices to even powdered cheese! Heck, we’ve also managed to invent string cheese!And honestly, we’ve loved and relished it all. But have you ever heard of star-shaped

Please allow our inner minion to squeal and dance in joy! Okay now that we’ve got that out, here’s the big news: McDonald’s Singapore has added a gorgeous new dessert to their dollar menu and it’s what every minion fan

It’s one controverting world that we live in. Where one half of the globe is burning in hate, crime, and gunpowder, there is another corner on the planet that is balancing out the terrorism with their communal harmony and love

It’s common sense (hopefully) that you don’t get behind the wheel after having a couple of drinks. Not only is it illegal and can get you arrested, but you’ll also put other lives in danger, even if you don’t care

In the last couple of months (read the whole of 2017) there has been one odd food trend after another putting a bad taste in my mouth. From the blinding unicorn trend to the absolutely squeamish things people were putting

If the cherry blossom Sprite and Starbucks’ Sakura blossom and pink drinks are anything to go by, this Japan’s pink blossom season is going to be cashed upon majorly by FMCG and F&B giants. One of the many other another companies