Street Food

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Although, sandwiches are not native South Indian street food, the sandwiches from any place in this capital city have its own mix of ingredients that separates it well from the other sandwiches. Some street-food corners make their own sandwich sauce from

Momos are the delicate and comforting food that you have when you are feeling a little down and you need something healthy to pick yourself up. Momos are made for all, the health conscious and the, well, not so health

They say that Mumbai is the city of dreams. The city where a pauper can become a rich man and an unknown can become a film star. In the same way, it’s a city where a simple street stall can

Delhi winters are becoming a lot like the people of the city. They take forever to arrive and will leave at their own wish – even if it’s a few days too late. But nonetheless, us foodies have the perfect

VT Station (or CST station as it is now known) host throngs of people every day hurrying here, hurrying there, hurrying everywhere. In all that rush, commuters very rarely have the time or inclination to sit down to a fully-fledged

Juicy kebabs and rolls are available everywhere, but the essence of  their flavours lies on the streets. The variety of these succulent dishes can only be enjoyed with a close group of friends standing on the corner of a road

If you are a foodie residing in Chennai you would have definitely come across Mint Street in Sowcarpet. It is a crime to call yourself one, if you haven’t been to Mint Street. Overflowing with a population of Marwaris, this

The irony with Delhi is that despite not having a culture of it’s own, it is so culturally diverse. You’ll find a Kashmiri family staying in a Bengali colony with best friends from Bihar, colleagues from Tamil Nadu and neighbors from

Chennai is home to many street food delights and it’s signature kayendhi bhavans are always reliable for hungry locals looking to catch a quick meal or snack break. Read more on kayendhi bhavans here. When you’re in Chennai, you simply

When you say street food, the thing that usually pops into your head would probably be chaats, rolls and kebabs. But there is an entirely different world out there. A beautiful world filled with the fluffiest idlis and the crispiest

We’ve been experiencing some unusual showers of rain and thunder in Mumbai for the past few days. But, even without the random rains, the temperature would have still been dropping – after all, winter is coming. During the winter months,

Street food has always been a staple in the arsenal of a self-proclaimed foodie. It is cheap, delicious and each bite goes down as smoothly as the previous one. The idea of walking along the streets of any city and

Nothing punctuates a Delhi street shopping street better than a plate of deep fried potato topped with spiced yogurt and tangy chutneys. The chaat has slowly come to be one of the main attractions of every street, every corner and

Vadas are a South Indian treat, or a delicacy as one might say. It is a snack that has it’s origins in the South, made with a delicious set of ingredients and spices, and deep fried to perfection. Made from

Mumbai – indeed, all of India has an intense love affair with chaat. Chaat is made up of a variety of elements including potatoes, dahi, onions, coriander, sev and masala powder. There’re a multitude of permutations and combinations that you

An original from Mumbai (then Bombay), Pav Bhaji was first cooked for mill workers in the 1850s. it has made its way to various other cities and is now a common member of the Delhi Street Food Family. The dish

Chennai’s street food scene is very prominent in the city, and locals from every area love indulging in their regional treats almost everyday. From South Indian specials to North Indian staples, the streets of Chennai have it all. But there’s

Street food has always been inviting, welcoming and we can’t resist when we walk by those street stalls whose aroma just pulls you in. When you’re on a diet, this can be particularly hard and it’s almost impossible to will

Mumbai’s street food scene is expansive and much-loved by foodies across the world. However, when it comes to satisfying non-vegetarian cravings, there’re very few street food options; very rarely, for instance, will one come across a stall selling fried chicken

The only thing better than street food is more street food. But how do you stand out on the street among the bustling traffic, drunk-on-garbage flies and still manage to enjoy all the food? Some people have mastered the art