Street Food

Japan hasn’t always been famous for its street food but the last couple of years has seen a growing rise in the trend with Tokya and Osaka being the epicenters for the phenomenon. Osaka in particular has been home to

By the end of this month, a fire engine red food truck, which calls itself the ‘Bombay Food Truck’ will be jauntily rolling into Mumbai. Helmed by the men behind the popular Andheri bar Please Don’t Tell, Ashish Sajnani and

The spaghetti cone, created by chef Emanuele Attala which is now available at his new restaurant, the Spaghetti Incident, on Manhattan’s Lower East Side, has taken the streets by storm. It is, after all, a ridiculous-sounding idea. Why would anyone

As the holy month of Ramadan is underway, Muslims breaking their fast and Mumbai’s foodies head to Mohammed Ali Road each evening. Through the night, gullies off Mohammed Ali road erupt into a food frenzy, with a multitude of small

“Band ho gayi aaj ye dukaan do sau pachchis saal baad. Chale gaye sab saara saaman nikalke” (The shop shut down today after 225 years. All the men have left with the items). 225 year old legendary – an understatement

Mumbai and Delhi are always competing with each other. And, it seems that the competition extends to street food or, more specifically, bacteria in street food. Less than a month after E coli was found in large quantities in Delhi

Mumbai has an extravagance of great street foods from chaat, to pav bhaji with lots of vada pavs in between. However, if you’re looking to satisfy your canines (the teeth that enjoy digging into large hunks of meat) then your

Momos are a hot favourite among a wide range of food lovers – young, old middle aged, vegetarian or non-vegetarian, these tasty dumplings have managed to become a popular snack for all Delhiites. They are loved as much as the Samosas

Most people living in India’s metropolitan cities go through hellish commutes. A walk to the bus stop, then a walk from the bus stop to the station, and finally a walk from the station to college was my daily routine

Gol gappa, aloo tikki, paneer tikka, kebabs, parathas and paos. A true Indian foodie has tried and tested everything that the streets have to offer. But the world of food is infinite and so are the options (praise the Lord).