Dilli Diaries

Could it BE any hotter? Actually, yes it could. Thanks to a cloud burst in Shimla, the Capital is enjoying a rather pleasant May. But will that stop us from our ‘beat the heat’ rituals? No. We shall still guzzle

It is a well-established fact that of the many things it is famous for, Delhi’s street food is easily the crown jewel of the city’s food scape. With outlets – new and old – staying on top of their game

What is the one thing you miss (or will miss) about your college? Not the classrooms, definitely not the lectures and not even the teachers – except for a few who helped you clear the exams or didn’t notice the

Apart from being famously infamous in a lot of departments, you have to hand it to the Capital for serving up a list of delicious food items. Right from the stuffed parathas to the sinfully creamy kulfis, no one can

Delhi is a city of many seasons, and drastic ones, may we add. If it’s hot, it’s almost 50 degrees and if it’s cold, it just about touches zero in the later months of the year! So what is the

The fresh high school graduates flocking the capital are mostly headed towards university central, a.k.a. North Campus. The tad more populous and popular half of the University of Delhi sees a plethora of students gushing in from various parts of

Delhi is famous for a lot of things, food – especially the mithai – being one of the most loved. From the ghewara and sandesh to the rasugllas and gulab jamuns, the Capital has it all. Delhi also prides itself with

Pakoras are instantaneously allied with chilly Delhi evening or romantic rains or simply a cup of piping hot tea. The city streets are dotted with a number of shops that serve up some delicious pakoras ranging from methi, to mirch

Located in the posh backyard of Delhi’s Panchsheel Enclave, Shahpur Jat is the design house hub of the Capital. The place is flooded with a number of clothes, shoes and accessory outlets. And what better place than this to start

Old Delhi in all its glory is famous for street food, meat shops, kebabs, Jama Masjid, Red Fort, and more. The place is witness to hundreds of year’s worth of history that the Capital has seen and been through. Lets

Divided into three major shopping areas – GK1, GK2 and GK3 (yes, there’s third part too) – Greater Kailash and many is one of the hottest upmarket hangout spots in the Capital. The place is far from swanky malls but

Delhi is thriving with cultures, traditions and people from all over the globe. It’s only fair to call the Capital a culture cocktail – a potent one at that! With a population so diverse in a country so ethnically endowed,

They are the worst kind of street food, tbh. Momos have of late garnered quite a lot of negative spotlight, but that hasn’t stopped Delhi from hogging on this loved street food, has it? Because that’s just how awesome these

Named after celebrated freedom fighter Lala Lajpat Rai, Lajpat Nagar is divided into various parts that accommodate residents, shops and shoppers. One of the more populous demarcated sections of this area, ‘Central Market’ is considered the location to shop, eat

A friend and I were plodding around the streets of Lajpat Nagar one of these evenings (evening because I would rather not scald my skin off in the Delhi afternoon) when a friend returned with a loaded plate of chana

Having stayed in Delhi for almost two decades, we’ve had the luxury of being exposed to a wide variety of international cuisines and street foods from all over the country. Right from authentic Korean grubs at Gung – The Palace

Street food makes for an intrinsic part of the Capital’s foodscape. From spots that go years back to popular new nooks, the city is speckled with a throng of street food vendors, populous gallis, shops, and even sit-down restaurants that