Street Food

For the longest time we’ve romanticized momos with a quick hunger fix. But not just a quick fix, the steamed dumplings make for an excellent palate pleaser for a number of reasons like the mild skin and filling paired a

There are 196 countries in the world and each country is identifiable by a number of different characteristics like language, culture, literature, art, and food. The culinary characteristic defines every country on various ranks, of which street food is one.

With the onslaught of the summer waves, the mercury is on a steady rise in the Capital. And it’s not just the 100 degrees that scare us, it’s the fact that there are over 2 more months of peak summer

One thing that we can all agree on, is that street food is the best solution for any occasion (read: when you’re starving and broke). Unfortunately, sometimes it’s not always the most hygienic solution to offer to your hunger pangs.

Delhi, among a list of things, is also popular for its food, especially the street food. And the throngs of people flocking local markets and street food vendors is just a reminder of how much we love our chaats and

Raj Kachori Recipe

As seen before, a kachori is an Indian deep-fried delicacy that is usually filled with roasted pulses, onion, and/or vegetables. On other form of kachori is a thinner, crunchier variant sans the filling. Imagine an enlarged pani puri without the

Indian street food sees a rainbow of desi, international, and international-turned-desi offerings (yes, we are totally looking at you “hakka noodles”). One such widely-consumed street that falls in the third category is momos. The Tibetan food, which is also consumed

Every year the National Association of Street Vendors of India (NASVI) and Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI), come together to celebrate the signature and iconic street foods from around the Capital and the Country with the National

It’s commonplace, at street food stalls across India, to see vendors wrapping up their fare in old newspapers to serve customers or give them takeaways. However, the FSSAI has now announced that it is banning the use of newspapers for

When Prime Minister Modi announced that at the stroke of the midnight hour, when the world sleeps, India would loose all its five hundred and thousand rupee notes, we did not know how majorly it was all going to hit

Mumbai is known for its diverse food scene. On one hand locales like the Bandra Kurka Complex, Fort, Bandra and Marine Drive have luxurious, fine dining restaurants with top chefs. On the other hand, the city’s streets are graced with

Delhi is famous for a lot of things, food being one of the most loved. From ghewar, to sandesh to rasugllas, the Capital has it all. Here are 10 of Delhi’s best sweet shops where you can find some of

Listen up all you momo maniacs! The Capital is getting yet another momo daddy for you to lose your mind over. Say hello to ‘6 Pack Momos’, a takeaway momo chain gearing up to take Delhi’s momo lovers by storm.

Kulfi isn’t a new thing and it’s not something magical, it’s a popular frozen dessert that is served all over the country. Most often served by men with push-carts at the beach, kulfi is the perfect summer treat no matter

Street food is one of the most popular kinds of food in the world. Obviously different places refer to street food in different ways. With the rising popularity of food trucks, it’s clear that street food has taken on a

Bihar may be infamously famous for a lot of things but its capital city Patna definitely not backward. Anymore. Thanks to a (now) famous gol gappa vendor outside the city’s Magadh Mahila College. Satyam, the man behind the trending gol

In India, 90% of the population thrives on street food. It’s easy, it’s cheap, it’s absolutely delicious and literally every corner of every street has a box shop that serves something so good that you wouldn’t mind stopping on a

Maybe calling them the best sandwiches is a slight mislead, but the sandwiches at Gupta’s are ones that you need to try at least once in your life. Tucked away on Ellis Road in Triplicane, Gupta’s is a small roadside

Being a street food aficionado takes more than just a hungry tummy. Because there is a lot out there and not all are worth swatting flies and bearing the heat. And given the buffet of street foods in India –

A mildly spicy deep-fried potato patty topped with whipped curd and chutney. Sounds like one edible description, doesn’t it? And it totally is. Edible, I mean. Also known as Aloo Tikki, this afore-described dish is a popular North Indian street