It’s a busy life and most of us do not even have time to take care of our health. We live in a world ruled by time, and in the middle of the chaos, we forget to take care of

It’s a beautiful evening, and you are stuck in traffic, craving some amazing crispy samosa from your favourite shop or it’s your mother’s birthday, and you have forgotten to buy her favourite sweets, and now it’s too late for you

What does one think about when you say Nitrogen freezing or Spherification? The  thought that comes to our mind automatically is the Masterchef Kitchen. The Jai Hind Diner at the Grand By GRT has created a unique food experience for

When planning a holiday most people associate Las Vegas with casino gambling and entertainment venues. While this is true, Vegas is also well known for its gastronomic endeavours with some of the best restaurants offering up a wide range of

There have been many videos around bouncing rice balls and tests to check if your rice is plastic. Many government officials are probing into this but have not found any conclusive proof to prove that the rice is plastic. The

Vegged out on my couch I look out (and appreciate with all my heart) the mid-Summer Delhi rain and wish for nothing more but some delicious Allahabadi samosas to go with my masala chai. Meanwhile, my best friend in Mumbai would

A few weeks back we had introduced you to the Madras Diner and the Multicuisine Restaurant Now we take you upstairs, to the first floor of the establishment, which houses the Café. As you climb up the stairs to the

Life is short. Eat dessert first. This saying is so true. We think that one should eat dessert first, second and last all the time but that is just us being silly and greedy (not guilty!) For all you people

What is a Soul Garden? Is it a place to nurture your soul? Is it a garden where inner peace reigns supreme? Well, that is up to your imagination but the Soul Garden Bistro in Alwarpet is definitely one place

Madras is a feeling A feeling so deep rooted that even if you leave, it never leaves you. For brothers Manoj Hemadri and Vijai Chandrasekaran, it was a feeling that kept coming back while they were in different parts of

When it comes to looking after our health, we all know the basics. Stay away from bad fats (triglycerides), preservative laden and highly professed foods. Monitor your blood pressure and glucose levels frequently. However, not many people know that these

We are a generation that’s constantly innovating the way things are done and walking towards a time when a click of a button does everything for us. Indeed, we’re the ones who’ve taken Bill Gates’ words “I will always choose

Many urban dwellers have romantic ideas about farms, imagining fields of green, fruit laden trees in orchard, idle cows and farmhouse kitchens whipping fresh produce into delicious meals. These ideas were challenged a few years ago, when people were introduced

We all know that feeling of being in a time crunch when it comes time to order a cake for a celebration. Sometimes we’ve left it to the last minute, other times we’ve unforgivably forgotten and are now running around

Picture yourself in a cosy Japanese home with fresh ingredients, hot grills and immaculate cuts, beautiful views of the Roppongi Hills through the window and warm faces around you- Welcome to Hilton’s Roppongi Hills Japanese Pop-up. Chef Achal Agarwal has

Last week, I found myself the hostess of our weekly Sunday family lunch…with three hours prior notice. These lunches are one of those without-fail-rituals, where our entire family typically gets together at my sister’s place – a sprawling bungalow which

India’s largest youth festival is heading south this year, with a four-day celebration of all things food, design, music and so much more. And this year, there will be a one of a kind food festival that you cannot miss

Diabetes can happen to anyone at any time in their lives. It’s a serious health condition that can worsen over time if not treated properly. Simply put, diabetes is what happens when there is high levels of glucose in the

The life of a food blogger is a glamorous affair. We get to attend restaurant openings, have a restaurant review every other day and get to talk to and meet culinary experts. On some days, however, we hit the pause

In October 1996, Hardcastle Restaurants Pvt. Ltd., (HRPL) a wholly owned subsidiary of Westlife Development Ltd brought the world famous McDonald’s to India with the launch of an outlet in Bandra, Mumbai. Since then Hardcastle restaurants has opened 245 (as