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You, yes you. How old are you? 20, 30, 40? Doesn’t matter. Can you cook well enough to have your own YouTube channel? Well, 6-year-old Kerala boy Nihal Raj trumps all your dreams, hopes and aspirations with his par excellence

Remember the doughnut ice cream cone mash-up? The creators of that at Cow Tipping Creamery in Austin, Texas have a new ice cream food invention that is going to confuse you and blow your mind at the same time. Inspired

Celebrities, they are just like us. Only richer, smarter, more successful and better looking. But other than that, totally relatable. Take for instance some of their food choices. No, we are not talking about the all those diets that keep

Twitch, which was bought by for roughly $1 billion, recently launched a new channel called “Social Eating”. Where people can watch other people eat food live. This is literally taking food porn to the next level. But don’t be

Hope, a small word to describe an enormous feeling, and a crucial part of the journey towards our dreams. As children, we are full of hopes and dreams, but somewhere along the way, we forget the necessity and importance of

For those of you who have no idea who Kenny Sebastian is, get your head out of Netflix for a bit, will you?! Kenny is one of India’s most loved and laughed at (in a good way, of course) stand-up

We’ve been inundated with rainbow food for so much of 2016, it’s becoming something of a terrible trend. Every food item we’ve seen so far has been turned into a rainbow. Rainbow bagels, rainbow sushi, rainbow everything really. It’s gotten

There is an odd level of satisfaction that our soul feels while watching ‘How It’s Mae’ video. Be it a box of chocolates or a packet of fusilli, the fulfillment our senses gain at each and every step long the

Why you gotta fight with me at Cheesecake, You know I love to go there   Award-winning Rihanna-smothering singer, songwriter and rapper, Drake’s love for The Cheesecake Factory is not unknown. The singer rhymes about the eatery in his latest

We’ve seen and heard of food, confectionary and dessert dispensing machines in recent times. But what if we told you that the machine could dispense everything right from a tiny Tic Tac mint to a full-fledged Burger King meal complete

Although there is probably a very slim chance of getting a burger – any burger – wrong, one can never be too satisfied when it comes to food. The combination of a patty, sauces, veggies and bun can hardly ever

Literally. The advertisement, which also stars late night television host James Cordon, is all about Bacon’s perfume. No like literally the aroma that comes out of Kevin Bacon, which is apparently the actual bacon smell. Yes, the edible pig bacon. Not

No no, don’t worry no one died. Unless you call ‘sweating through every possible pore in your body and loosing all hearing, tasting and cerebral capability for a few minutes’ staying alive. Recently we saw a very adventurous gentleman dive

Over the last few months, sushi has been featured in so many different food trends. From rainbow sushi to sushi donuts and then sushi burgers, it’s become clear that it’s the favourite of ‘foodstagrammers’ all over the world. For those

Athletes train a lot to be strong and able enough to make it to the field and kick the opponents’ hind. And what complements a good day of training? A sumptuous diet, of course! We’ve seen sportspersons give up food

If you didn’t Instagram it, you didn’t eat it.  It’s 2016 and that up there is the motto almost everyone is living by. Whether you have a DSLR or a 16MP phone camera, each and every meal of yours is

Wedding cakes are to weddings what bride is to the groom. Essential. Did you know that wedding cakes date back to early Roman civilizations? And as with every thing, tradition and custom that has been carried on over the years,

Not too long ago, Burger King made thousands of dreams come true by introducing a deep-fried Cheetos and mac n’ cheese hybrid, called the Mac n’ Cheetos. People went crazy, the dish tasted mind-blowing and BK’s new experiment was an

Time and time again, we’ve seen how Instagram is changing the way we eat and see our food. And now, bread lovers everywhere can stop everything they’re doing to watch every single video posted by Takashi Aizu, because they are beautiful. For

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay recently stepped out of the kitchen to gather some ingredients for a lunch with his son Jack. This lunch, unlike any other, was a picturesque one set in a forest and the ingredients freshly shot and