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Most of us very dearly cherish some memories and the #throwback is always pegged to a fond memory. Not for Michelin-starred Chef Gordon Ramsay. Though he may seem like the toughest cookie there ever was in the culinary world, it

There is nothing more comforting than a perfectly toasted crispy golden-brown slice of bread smeared with something sweet, sugary (or savory, even) and totally unhealthy. Because, why not. For the rest of you who agree on the toast but not

Cooking with red wine adds richness to your favourite recipes. This delicious dish has a rich red wine sauce, which works wonderfully with the tender cuts of chicken. It’s ideal for sharing at dinner parties or a cosy night with family

Marketing today goes way beyond traditional print, TV, and even campaigns. The consumer today, or the younger consumer that is more active on social media, is more likely to lap up a brand’s offering if they come off as equally

After creating a buzz among Pitbull fans – with the singer opening his restaurant at Ocean Drive – Miami is now trending with #SaltBae fans as the social media favourite is all set to open his first restaurant in the

After social media went into the emoji frenzy over Google’s ill-stacked cheeseburger, it’s now Nutella that has all of our nerves wracked. The former was christened #BurgerGate while this one has been given the name #NutellaGate. Why, you may wonder?

Last week, the Internet was in a tizzy over how exactly a burger should be stacked. Media analyst Thomas Baekdal, who pointed out that “Google’s burger emoji is placing the cheese underneath the burger, while Apple puts it on top”,

Media analyst Thomas Baekdal stirred up quite a social media storm when he pointed out the (mis)placement of cheese in Google’s hamburger emoji. His tweet soon sliced up the Twitter-verse into a bunch of camps – some rooting for Google’s

Social Media and its reach are mushrooming faster than iPhone prices. And with that is growing all things inspired by various social media platforms and trends like hashtags, selfies, and the works. One such space in India’s national Capital is

Well it’s more about the accounts KFC follows than KFC’s actual account. A keen observer in the Twitter-verse has noticed something unique and totally mind-blowing about the people that the food chain’s official Twitter account follows – they are herbs

Now there’s a sentence you never thought you’d read! But it’s true, a new make up trend has taken social media and make-up fanatics by storm – the taco eye make up. The trend is exactly like what it sounds.

After a recent iOS update, iPhone users got a whole bunch of new and improved food emojis to adorn their messages with. And while not all promised emojis might have made it to our keyboard, there are some new ones

Try out this easy dip made with ingredients available in every home. You will be the star of any party you take it to. Cool creamy curd meets zingy lemon and fresh herbs. A perfect accompaniment to veggie stick and

For all the Instagram addicts, we have some bad news for you. Scrolling through your Instagram feed may actually be contributing to the risk of you developing an eating disorder. The disorder? An unhealthy obsession with fitness food – ironic

Unless you have zero access to Twitter, the Internet, and social media in general (basically, if you’re living under a rock), you must have heard all the free nugget stir cause by 16-year-old Carter Wilkerson, who asked Wendy’s what it

Like any good human (read: semifunctional adult) I must have my coffee. Whether it’s to keep my eyelids partially open or in order to pretend my body is working while my brain is asleep, I definitely need caffeine. Don’t take

If you’re like me, AKA, a social media addict and can barely keep your hands off your phone for a minute then you’ll no doubt have seen your social media inundated with the unicorn craze. Every other post and every

The Internet (and multiple trusted dictionaries as well) says it’s “beeves”, by the way. Yep, come out of your holes all you grammar Nazis and English language experts because we’ve got some major beef (pun intended) with the Singular-Plural sensibility

Katy Perry is known far and wide for her musical talents, but she may be foraying into the culinary space as well. Or so we thought when we first saw her tweet that featured the recipe to the world’s best

If you follow Chris Pratt on social media, you may be aware of the Jurassic Park actor’s short food series on Instagram called ‘What’s My Snack’. Recently, Pratt came up with the mini series, which hilariously captured Pratt going about