There is something about cheese that makes it an absolute must eat at all times of the day – breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert! And that is precisely why it makes just about the perfect nibble for parties as well.

Don’t we all love those crunchy potato snacks that manufacturers put in with our pack of air? Kidding! I am aware that all the air (a.k.a. Nitrogen) is essential for keeping the crunch of the potato chips intact, but we

Very few of us can function properly through the day sans caffeine. And more of ten than not, the sacred source of this caffeine is coffee. But what good is a coffee break without anything to eat with the cuppa

If there is one thing that binds all us night owls together – apart from the insomnia – it’s probably the midnight hunger pangs. And just in case you’re not in the know, craving food late after everyone’s asleep is

What’s holiday season without leading snack labels tweaking their flavour portfolio to throw in some gravy, mashed, and filling-inspired variants, right? Pringles is planning on doing it and now Lay’s wants to know which Thanksgiving special flavour you wish they

Cereal giant, Kellogg India has announced the launch of its latest breakfast cereal – Kellogg’s Chocos Fills, a crunchy cereal snack with a delicious chocolaty filling, a unique combination of nutrition and taste. A baked (not fried) food, it is

When it comes to snacking or munching away on something crunchy, we would usually go for a nice and hot tub – at least – of popcorn. The popped snack is as palatable as it is light. And when it

Have you often wished that your favourite snack tasted different for all your different moods, liking, and time of the day? Well, we may be getting their with Sunfeast’s latest instant noodle variant – the YiPPee Mood Masala. Taking the

It’s weekend! And one of our favorite things to indulge in on these two golden days of the week is cinema. Be it a movie date, family time followed by dinner or a crazy movie marathon with the squad, weekends

Delhi is a city of many seasons, and drastic ones, may we add. If it’s hot, it’s almost 50 degrees and if it’s cold, it just about touches zero in the later months of the year! So what is the

Indian food, whether sweet or savoury, is easily the all-round choice for every occasion. Whether it’s for a cozy teatime tête-à-tête, a wholesome dinner, or even for satiating those untimely cravings, Indian cuisine has just the variety to pick from.

Nestle India’s instant noodle brand, Maggi, may have had a rough patch last year, but it is well back up on its two feet. Catching up to ITC’s Sunfeast Yippee! noodle to regain it’s number 1 spot even (and the

Pakoras are instantaneously allied with chilly Delhi evening or romantic rains or simply a cup of piping hot tea. The city streets are dotted with a number of shops that serve up some delicious pakoras ranging from methi, to mirch

1.Chatpata Paneer Snack Recipe  This chatpata paneer snack tastes a bit like a satay, it tastes a bit like chaat, it is a confusing yet refreshing flavour that will tickle your taste buds pink! crisp-fried paneer is rolled in a

Vegged out on my couch I look out (and appreciate with all my heart) the mid-Summer Delhi rain and wish for nothing more but some delicious Allahabadi samosas to go with my masala chai. Meanwhile, my best friend in Mumbai would

Star Wars day, or for the uninitiated, May the Fourth (if you don’t get it, I can’t help you) is almost upon us, and what better way is there to celebrate the Star Wars Fandom than with some delicious homemade

When it comes to food and interesting new flavours, every food brand in the world is trying something new. Changing up the popular flavours for something different, introducing something unlike anything before and so on and so forth. Often, it’s

You’ve heard the name Gulabs everywhere because they’re selling delicious Indian snacks that are familiar but also have something new to offer. And now this Chennai based company is introducing something new to their collection – Tiny Khakhras! Khakhras are

Peeps Oreos are a thing and it is both adorable and a little strange. For those that don’t know what Peeps are, they’re a candy that is made with marshmallows and shaped like little animals – chicks, bunnies and other

It is the decade of unthinkable and absolutely absurd food hybrids, and even though we think that we’ve seen it all – the mosaics, the rainbows, the raindrops, and the works – along comes the next food hybrid that proves