Fusion food is always for the lost soul, who wishes to explore with flavors and taste. With Decode Underground’s Uttapam Waffle on the block to beat every other fusion food hands down, the dish suffices all requirements. The Uttapam Waffle

With a dearth of good places to eat, the residents at the Wodehouse Road in Colaba have finally found solace in the Easy Human Cafe. But the cafe is not here to just fill your belly, but is all about

A gorgeous, lit up Christmas tree with its bright red ornaments is a big attraction during the holiday season. The celebration period in December is simply marvellous and the traditional decor makes it all worthwhile. But what if that decor

The Asian gastropub which wowed us with their sushi at a cocktail event, invited us over to try out their lunch meal. Koko’s Lunch Exclusives menu was kept simple. All we were to do was choose a vegetarian or a

The legendary restaurants of Mumbai are serving up lip smacking meals and we simply love them. However, the new entrants are no less and have made their mark in 2018. So here are the top 10 places which are new

Food at a good restaurant makes you go, ‘yum’ but food at a fine dine restaurant makes you go, ‘oh wow’. The path between good and wow hasn’t been easy for 2018 has seen some spectacular food in the city.

We’ve hunted down meat, not in any forest or anything but in the by-lanes and every nook and corner of Mumbai. Here are our top 10 restaurants that restaurants that serve sumptuous non vegetarian food. Caution: you might end up

A glorious year has come to an end and I’ve chowed down on delectable vegetarian delicacies across Mumbai. A person who does not eat meat might not be able compare the two but I am a carnivore and yet have

Mumbai: Malhar Tribes, currently considered to be one of the best restaurants in Coastal Cuisine, opens its doors for SeaFood connoisseurs in Mumbai. Currently located in Mira Road and Marol, Malhar is here to take the Coastal cuisine culture at

Be merry for it’s Christmas time and we’re going insane with the choices on where to celebrate in Mumbai. If you’re in the same dilemma then fret not! For we’ve shortlisted the most amazing places to be at. So don

Christmas is on a weekday making this a long-ish weekend with a possibility of a low level of Monday Blues. But why wait till the tree is lit and the alcohol deals are flowing? Get ready to enjoy some fun

Trupti Marolia of The Mumbai Glutton swears by the hot chocolate at The Bombay Coffee House and now we know why. The place has quite an awesome variety of hot beverages and with quirky names too. We also tried the

Gear up for the festivity with food workshops, grab a delectable lunch with your workmates, or chow down on piping hot makki di roti with sarson da saag. Tempted? Read on to find the most appealing events for you this

The newly refurbished Pranzi Kitchen and Bar has a spectacular look that creates a vivid lounge experience. One can relax and spend hours here at ease thanks to the comfortable furnishing and lively music. The sensational island bar, a new

Weekends are meant for live gigs, great deals on food and beverages and lazy brunches. So whether you are a party animal or simply love being lazy at the end of the week, we’ve got you covered. Hard Rock Cafe

Craving a delicious warm soup and a soothing meal even for lunch? Yes, us too! Though it has been quite humid last month but December is showing the dip in the climate and we’re relieved! But with that has come

Mumbai may not have freezing winters but we sure enjoy the little nip in the air and chilly evenings. This is the best time to tuck into some grills and barbecue plus when it comes with kickass rock music who

It’s a long way to Christmas but when you’re feeling happy on the inside, every day can be festive. So let’s get you cheerful with some great deals on food and beverage this week and suggest you sumptuous eats. Bon

Pa Pa Ya is not a new name for those who love Asian food, especially Japanese. So when the Pa Pa Ya restaurant at Palladium launched a new menu, we were intrigued. Having tried their amazing food at the BKC

Foodies of Mumbai are always cravings for more and we totally get that. Which is why we’ve brought you the newest delicacies, newest restaurants and the newest flavours in the city. Give it all a try and never settle for