When it comes to meals, Sunday brunches are clear winners. There is something super uplifting about a lavish spread on a lazy Sunday afternoon. And the ante goes up automatically when Courtyard by Marriott is at the helm of such

Iranian (or Irani) is a cuisine known for it’s aromatic gravies, spiced rice and rich flavors. Devoured mostly in the western Indian states of Gujarat and Maharashtra, the Capital too is not devoid of good Irani food. Although there are only a handful

Kids running around restaurants and causing havoc doesn’t seem like such an out of the ordinary situation, but it is definitely one that upsets other guests and patrons. But we all grin and bear it, in hopes that the parents

Nissim Ezekiel, the famous Indian poet wrote a lovely little tribute to Irani cafes in Mumbai, with the lines going “Please/Do not spit/Do not sit more/Pay promptly, time is valuable/Do not write letter /Without order refreshment.” Indeed that sums up

Following Donald Trump’s travel ban and all the laws that he’s passed regarding immigrants, Americans are getting up in arms to show him that they’re not okay with these decisions and they don’t support his administration. But now restaurateurs, chefs,

Indian coffee giant Café Coffee Day is popular for a lot of things. Whether it’s their iconic Chicken 65 sandwich, the shot-sized desserts, the towering glass of Devil’s Own and Iced Eskimo or a simple cup of cappuccino, the coffee

The great thing about going out to pubs with your friends is that even if there is one friend that doesn’t drink, there’s great food that can be enjoyed. Going out over the weekend isn’t just about getting drunk, it’s

Of the many scrumptious cuisines that the South Eastern fragments of Asia has to offer, one of the yummiest and most zestful hails from the seafood and spice rich country of Thailand. Thai food is famous for its top-notch culinary, decadent

While Noida is basking in all its mall glory, and Delhi is fighting to make it through without a caved roof, Gurgaon is rapidly advancing towards more and more recreational centers like the expansive DLF CyberHub. Not over a fortnight

We, as Indians, love our Chinese food. It’s a known fact that we even have our own version of Chinese food that is nothing like that of what is made in China. But what we also love very much is

The recent entertainment and recreation boom in Noida brought about by all the new and upcoming shopping malls, is unlike anything the city has seen before. With major real estate moguls like DLF, Logix, and Galleria transporting their business across

Of course you already have plans for Valentine’s Day, but in case you don’t and you’re reading this article think of ways to surprise your significant other or treat them to something absolutely divine and delicious, then let us help

Six years ago, Shitija Nahata started Cupcake Company and introduced Chennai to delicious cupcakes. Despite what she and her husband thought, cupcakes became incredibly popular in the city and tons of other cupcake shops followed. A few years later, Shitija

Most book lovers understand the comfort of reading while eating. So having a restaurant within a bookstore is heaven for anyone who enjoys the company of a book over the company of another person. The new restaurant on Peter’s Road

Gear up and get ready to chill in one of the swankiest hangout spots in Delhi – Fashion TV Café. As the name reveals, the café is a spin-off of the ultra glam Fashion TV (FTV), which is the world’s

Themed restaurants are all the rage and we’re definitely on board with any place that has something new and exciting to deliver. So obviously finding this Lego restaurant is the gift that keeps on giving. Jergs Correa in the Philippines

Wine and dine, the two can turn around the sloppiest of evenings. Which is why it is imperative to pick out a place that doesn’t only have a deliciously loaded menu but also an impressive wine cellar. Here are 7

It’s a brand new month and obviously, there are new restaurants that everyone must check out. Whether it’s street food or South Indian food or something new, there’s definitely something for everyone. Chennai is growing as a city in terms

Staying ahead of their unmatched food and drink game, Hard Rock Café has kicked of February with an exciting new food menu. Dubbed the ‘Nachos Gone Wild’ festival, the two-month fest will pack a culinary punch with a fresh new

A wise man once decided to give the human race the best of chocolate and hazelnut in a jar. The wise man was none other than Michele Ferrero and that thing in the jar is our beloved Nutella. The spread