A place that serves healthy & junk, One that’s got a little funk. Made with stuff that most throw, Here it’s a part of the show. With these four lines on its menu, Junkyard sure did set a rather high

If Amsterdam is not on your bucket list of places to visit, once you’re done reading this article, it might be. There’s something new taking over the Dutch city and it’s not what you’re thinking. Avocados are coming to Amsterdam

Delhi may be a rainbow of cultures and cuisines, but the one cuisine that stands out is without a doubt Punjabi. Punjabi food packs a flavoursome punch complete with dollops of malai (cream), oodles of butter, and heavenly amounts of

For those that don’t know, a little history lesson – the Nattukotai Chettiars are the ones who ‘invented’ the Chettinad cuisine. They come from the Chettinad region of the state of Tamil Nadu and is one of the most well

Recently the entrepreneurial world was all praises for recently actress-turned-businesswoman Sarah Michelle Gellar. But Gellar admitted that the the transit was not easy. Another actress-producer who’d totally sail that boat with Gellar is Jessica Biel. Speaking to Jimmy Kimmel recently,

Having made waves and impressed everyone in Chennai, Batlivala & Khanabhoy is finally making its way to Coimbatore. V.M Hospitality, the brand behind restaurants like Savya Rasa (in Pune), Meena Tai’s, Abyssinian and Batlivala & Khanabhoy (in Chennai) as well

Missing the crazy party vibe in your daily? Want to get away from the daily madness without spending a bomb on travel? Basically, do you want to go Goa without stepping out of your city? If you feverously just nodded

Lebanese cuisine, a.k.a. Mediterranean cuisine, encompasses foods from a whole lot of regions. Right from the sun-kisses Tuscans to lapis lazuli encrusted Turkey. And with cultures and regions so vast, the food is bound to be a rainbow of culinary

It’s a New Year, and it’s the best reason and time to update your ‘favourite restaurants’ list. And don’t worry, because we’ve done your homework! The Capital has welcomed some amazing new lounges, pubs, delivery services, cafes, and fast food

Purasawalkam has a brand new restaurant that is going to make lovers of Italian food everywhere very happy. The Chef’s Story is a partnership between Pulkit Nahata, Rohith Lalwani and Shrenik Kochar, inspired by Auro’s Pizza’s owner Mr. Durai. In

It’s a new year and that means there are tons of new restaurants to visit as well. Chennai is always full of restaurants that people must try at any given chance and here are a bunch of new restaurants that

It’s good to drink once in a while. But what if your once in a while is more than just once in a while or what if your plants don’t sprout money and/or alcohol? Moreover, what if you’ve just spent

2016 saw an influx of a number of new food trends, cookbooks, TV shows, and eateries. Delhi, in general, was endowed with a fair share of new restaurant joints and food services that took the people in the Capital by

The hottest and most celebrated eve of the year is here! It’s the last day of 2016 and we couldn’t be happier! So let your hair down and suit up to usher 2017 in with a big bang, lots of

Whether you’re a college kid who wants to break away from the lecture hoopla or an office-goer looking for some solace from all the target chasing, a good flavoursome puff can set everything straight. Which is why we suggest you

Budget meals are great, and the only thing better than great food is great food at an economical price. Well, a Gurgaon-based eatery has answered your financially crippled prayers with a new deal. Looks like Mondays and Tuesday just got

Being a coastal state, it is no surprise that Chennai loves seafood. Even with majority of the population being vegetarian, there are enough seafood restaurants in the city that will give you just about everything you’re looking for. Whether it’s

It’s the second to the last week of the month (and year) a.k.a. ‘end of month’ a.k.a. kadki (you’ll know what I mean if you’re a North Indian). So keeping the inevitable month-end financial crunch in mind, here are 10

Remember Wai Wai noodles? Well, they are now taking things to the next level. In a partnership with Franchise India, CG Corp (the makers of Wai Wai noodles) is looking to open 1,500 noodle bars in the next five years.

The newest spot on the block is a themed restaurant tucked away on Anderson Road and serving a whole new kind of menu that you’re not going to find anywhere else. Welcome to The Miner Diner, using the mining caves