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Hard working Mumbai-ites need a hearty, delicious meal to keep them going through the day. Head to the Flea Bazaar Café to pick a food combo from your favourite cuisine and make your workweek lunches awesome. Here’s how to say

Its Friday tomorrow and aren’t we over the moon about it. Why? Because the ongoing festive season is going to be in its full splendour. Plus, there are offers flowing at every restaurant and bar to celebrate and after India’s

Almost 10 years old, Aromas Cafe has been serving perfect cups of coffee and delish food to Mumbai. The café has always been a step ahead with innovation what with its FotoKappi machine and enticing coffee art. After receiving a

Enjoy the most awaited match of Asia Cup at Glocal Junction Are you a cricket fan?  Well, then it’s your turn enjoy the most awaited match of Asia Cup – “India v/s Pakistan” at Glocal Junction’s Happy Hours and get

Traditional cooking can be seen only in the small towns and rural areas of India. But the traditional cooking methods such as slow cooking in a handi, grinding masalas in a mortar and pestle or a sil batta enhances the

It’s India v/s Pakistan tomorrow and even your boss knows why you’re calling in sick. So why not gather all your work buddies and head to one of these coolest bars in Mumbai and make the most of this rivalry

Open China has recently come up at Juhu and is located quite close to the Prithvi Café. The décor of the restaurant has been done keeping in mind the popular art representing China. The restaurant itself is spread over a

Enjoy crazy offers on food and drinks, enjoy a nail biting cricket match and sip on herb or tea infused cocktails. There’s plenty to pick from this week in Mumbai. Sir Drinksalot Hard day at work? Make a hard drink

Adorned with gorgeous Chinese artefacts; with open kitchens where one can see the cooks whipping fresh, steaming hot meals and a separate lounge, China House at Grand Hyatt Mumbai is an experience in itself. We started off our evening with

Oenophiles know their wine and are even proud about it. But not all expensive wines are great. So how does one pick up a bottle to gift someone or even enjoy a glass or two at home? Moreover, how does

Thai food has become immensely popular in the city of Mumbai and one can find their red or green curry in every other restaurant. But the food is not just limited to these gravies. The flavourful, traditional Thai dishes taste

Calangute – Goa, 11th September 2018: Time to awaken your senses and uplift your spirit with a perfectly brewed cuppa!  Choose from premium varieties of Illy coffee such as Macchiato Cal Do, Cappuccino Viennese, Espresso Freddo, Morocinno (Illy Espress with

Creativity, especially when it comes to food has absolutely no limits. One such example is Grub Shub at Matunga East as the owners playfully experimented by putting some dosa batter into a waffle maker at home and of course after

New, exciting menu and sassy new restaurants; the city is exploding with delish food choices. So get ready to be spoilt for choice as we give you 12 new reasons to become a food explorer and feel satiated like never

Get amazing deals on alcohol, enjoy lip smacking food and groove to the music that you like. It’s like the weekend never bade a goodbye to you! BKC DIVE To all those working hard, gather up with your office gang

Shiro is well-known for its serene décor complete with a meditating Buddha statue and tranquil sounds of waterfall. Entering this place seems like stepping out of the noisy city of Mumbai and entering a zen state of mind. Dining at

Yes, it’s absolutely true. The Irish House in Mumbai is all set to host you with a hearty lunch on those lazy afternoons when there’s a boring dish in your tiffin and you badly need a change of vibe. So

Enjoy splendid concerts, great deals and of course sumptuous food this weekend in Mumbai for there’s a lot in store. Tickle your funny bone or enhance your skills with an intriguing workshop, for we’ve got it all lined up for

If you want to relish the luscious cuisine of Sri Lanka which is packed with spectacular flavours, you needn’t yet look for your passport. Head to The Leela Mumbai for lunch or dinner on any day till 8th September and

With the week starting on an auspicious note of Janmashtami, we’re glad to tell you that there are going to be events all through the workweek which are going to make it a smooth sailing one. Here are the coolest