Coconut flavoured chocolate may not be a common favourite, but these chocolate coconut balls are about to change that. Mini balls of chocolate and desiccated coconut rolled together, the sweet has the bittersweet flavor of chocolate with a hint of

Home-baked sponge cakes are always a few steps ahead of store or bakery bought. If not yummier, they are definitely special. And what makes these homemade sponge cakes a tad more special is that added vanilla essence and some coco

To describe in mere words the palatability and lusciousness of the Chettinad gravy – or for that matter, any India gravy – would be an injustice of the highest order. But nonetheless, we shall give you an idea. A fairly

Want to start your day on a healthy and scrumptious note? Whip up a bowlful of delicious upma. Upma is a popular Indian preparation made by roasting the ingredients to form a thick porridge like meal. The dish finds its

Now that you’ve picked and voted for your favourite kind of khichdi, let’s see how some other variants like sabudna khichdi, oats khichdi, etc are made. Here are seven delicious khichdi recipes to whip up on nights you crave a

A batch of piping hot and perfectly spiced bhindi crispy fried to perfection is just what you need to amp up your meal. Not only is this vegetarian preparation super scrumptious to gobble but is also supremely easy to whip

Image: Chowki Feature Image: Great Indian Food Print Recipe Tandoori Soya Chaap Recipe Votes: 1 Rating: 4 You: Rate this recipe! Course Appetizer, Snacks Cuisine Indian Prep Time 1 hour Cook Time 20 minutes Servings soya chaaps MetricUS Imperial Ingredients

Refried beans is a popular Mexican staple dish made with cooked and mashed beans. The dish also sees a number of variations in many Spanish and Latin American kitchens. Often consumed as a dip with Tex-Mex food like chips and

North Indian cuisine includes a number of lentils of pulses, one of which is the chickpea. Chickpeas are not only a delicious food but can also be cooked in a number of ways – it can be ground into a

Payasam is a popular South Indian dessert – much like the North Indian counterpart, kheer – made with sweetened milk, which is thickened by boiling and flavoured by adding various additives like kesar, cardamom, coconut, etc. Elaneer translates to ‘tender

Raj Kachori Recipe

As seen before, a kachori is an Indian deep-fried delicacy that is usually filled with roasted pulses, onion, and/or vegetables. On other form of kachori is a thinner, crunchier variant sans the filling. Imagine an enlarged pani puri without the

‘Bhaji’ is a generic term used for a dry vegetable dish. A bhaji could be made using any and every kind of vegetable, but let’s talk a little about the omnipresent and widely consumed vegetable – potato. A potato bhaji

Good ol’ classic salted peanuts but with an Indian twist! The crispy masala peanuts are popular during teatime and as chakhna (snacks had with alcohol) in India. The snack consists of peanuts wrapped in a mildly spiced gram flour and

A tikki is a deep-fried or pan-fried Indian cutlet usually made with mashed potatoes mixed with chopped vegetable and mild spices. The preparation takes various forms across the different regions and kitchen of the country. One such variation is the

Give your snacks a sweet and fruity twist with this chunky apple cranberry chutney that packs a zest flavoursome delight. The dip goes deliciously well with just about any snack, whether they are classic salted chips, fried chicken, or some

Breakfast is an important meal, and it does not matter which corner of the globe you’re from, you will have a signature breakfast dish that hails from your region. Similarly, the breakfast recipe native to South India is uttapam. The

The term ‘wild rice’ collectively stands for four species of grasses and the grain that is harvested from them. Although historically popular in Chinese as well as North American kitchens, the food is now a delicacy in Native American, while