Complete with carbs, proteins, fats, various spices, and nutrients, the regal Indian rice preparation, biryani, is a wholesome meal in itself. But still, most of us prefer a bowlful of sweet, salty, or tangy raita to complete the dish. Moreover,

Usal is a classic Marathi dish that consists of a main ingredient – like sprouts, moth beans, etc – stir fried with mild spices, curry leaves and chopped veggies of choice with a slight curry. The usal makes for a

No matter how much in control of your diet and calorie intake you are, the occasional craving for a crunchy junk snack is inevitable. So rather than suppressing your desires only to let go of your will power later on

Enjoy a vegan version of the classic seekh kebab. Made with soya and oatmeal, this kebab is as healthy as a seekh kebab gets. The best part being that the soya seekh kebab is baked so it really couldn’t get

A tikki is a deep-fried or pan-fried Indian cutlet usually made with mashed potatoes mixed with chopped vegetable and mild spices. The preparation takes various forms across the different regions and kitchen of the country. One such variation is the

A quick and easy recipe, Avarakkai Thoran is a popular Kerala style dish. Don’t loathe this greeny dish, for it is tasty as well as healthy. This traditional dish is made with broad beans, coconut, pigeon pea, etc and goes

Start your meal with this delicious restaurant-style lotus root salad. A healthy, green, and uber crunchy mix of veggies tossed in a light lemongrass dressing, this salad recipe from Yauatcha is a must try for your next meal. Print Recipe

The term ‘wild rice’ collectively stands for four species of grasses and the grain that is harvested from them. Although historically popular in Chinese as well as North American kitchens, the food is now a delicacy in Native American, while

A popular dip from the Mediterranean, hummus is the life and soul of every Mezze platter or pita platter. The Egyptian native is made from cooked mashed chickpeas – and occasionally using other varieties of beans – blended with lime

Badam Pakoda literally translates to almond fritters. But in actuality, ‘badam pakoda’ refers to peanut fritters. The batter fried nuts are a mind-blowing munchy and can take you through the day without adding too many calories as you snack. Another

Gongura is a kind of leafy plant grown in India, and which finds itself in various dishes in the Andhra region. Gongura besides being utterly delicious is also a rich source of iron, vitamins, folic acid and anti-oxidants that play

Drumstick is a popular vegetable in South Asia. And Indian being the largest producer of the drumstick plant is also easily the largest consumer of the same. Drumsticks can be found in various Indian dishes like dal, sambhar, rasam, and

‘Bhaji’ is a generic term used for a dry vegetable dish. A bhaji could be made using any and every kind of vegetable, but let’s talk a little about the omnipresent and widely consumed vegetable – potato. A potato bhaji

Good ol’ classic salted peanuts but with an Indian twist! The crispy masala peanuts are popular during teatime and as chakhna (snacks had with alcohol) in India. The snack consists of peanuts wrapped in a mildly spiced gram flour and

Give your snacks a sweet and fruity twist with this chunky apple cranberry chutney that packs a zest flavoursome delight. The dip goes deliciously well with just about any snack, whether they are classic salted chips, fried chicken, or some

For those of you who are new to the concept of ‘khichdi’, it is very simply an Indian version of risotto or the classic dal chawal combination cooked together. The dish is a common favourite across Indian households, with regional

Indian vegetable, or moreover Indian curries may seem like a lot of work. And frankly, some of them even are, but then there are the heavenly dishes like this aloo tamatar ki sabzi that make cooking ten times easier. The

Oats Chilla Recipe

Chilla – or cheela – is a popular Indian breakfast usually made with powdered Bengal gram (besan) or other other powdered pulses along with chopped tomatoes, onions, and chilies. The savoury crepe is as delicious as it is healthy. Moreover,

Pakoras are a chai-time essential in every Indian household. Whether it’s paired a nice monsoon afternoon and a cup of cardamom tea or a lazy winter noon and some piping hot masala chai, pakoras are always crucial to drinking tea.

Ribbon pakora a.k.a. ribbon murukku is deeply rooted in all Indian chai and snack loving hearts. The deep fried snack is a slightly tweaked version of the classic murukku. The differences being in shape and a slightly altered ingredients list