Thai cuisine boasts of a burst of refreshing, strong, yet some supremely pleasing flavours. Enriched with a hoard of delicious seasonings like kafir lime, lemon grass, basil, hints of coconut milk, and just the right amount of piquant red chilies

A pot pie is a lovely way of combining all the meal ingredients in one delicious preparation to roll out a gorgeous baked pie. The pot pie can be made in single serving pots or in one large pot for

When it comes to sea food, crab holds a very special place in most meat-loving hearts. The tender flesh encased in the crunchy shell makes for an excellent shellfish to enjoy in a variety of way, from a mild butter

Crab Cake Recipe

A variation of the fishcake, crab cakes are an immensely popular dish made of crab meat (duh-uh!) mixed with other ingredients like mayonnaise, eggs, breadcrumbs, et al. Usually served with a side of salad or fries (depending whether you’re at

Prawn Mee, also locally known as Penang Hokkien Mee or Prawn Mee, is a popular hawker dish served in Southeast Asian countries like Singapore, Malaysia, et al. the dish is as delicious as it is healthy and sumptuous. It packs

Fish lovers, listen up! To follow up last week’s fiery spicy baked basa, we’ve got yet another delicious recipe for you. This one’s low on the spice and high on richness and butter. Behold, the fish in lemon butter sauce,

When planning out a party, it is important that attention be paid to details like décor, music, and drinks. But what is truly imperative is that utmost care is given to the food menu, especially the starters and appetisers. Not

We can never have enough of cutlets, especially the ones batter-fried to crispy perfection. And what’s better than a seafood-rich prawn cutlet deliciously seasoned with mild spices, lemon juice, ginger, green chilies, garlic, and onion. And the best part? This

Crab Pie Recipe

Get ready to eat crab like never before with a delicious crab pie. This pie recipe is everything a legendary pie should be. And some more. If sea food – especially crab meat – is your choice of meat and

Crab Kofta Recipe

Crab koftas are a contemporary Indian preparation that bring together the art of cooking the widely consumed shellfish with traditional Indian koftas that are baked or deep-fried balls made of any minced meat, shredded vegetable or even crumbled tofu or

The food in Hong Kong resonates a lot with the food available in South East Asia as a whole – it is high on flavorsome sauces, has a heady gastronomic edge to it, and in other words is sheer delight.

Who said popcorns can only be popped from golden corns? Well, no one actually. Which is precisely why the concept of “popcorn” has been adopted in so many different way. Case in point, chicken popcorns. Because what’s better than a

Of all the seafood varieties and shellfish out there in the ocean prawns and shrimps are probably the most widely consumed. Whether it is in the form of a grilled kebab, a rich gravy, or even as an ingredient in

Lo Mein is essentially a Chinese preparation that features wheat noodles, vegetables, and a type of meat or seafood, usually beef, chicken, pork, shrimp or wontons. The term ‘lo mein’ translates from the Cantonese lou min, which means stirred noodles.

Eating healthy does not necessarily mean eating bland or tasteless food. And there are a number of recipes that resonate the belief. One such preparation is the lemon garlic tilapia. Tilapia is a kind of freshwater fish found in streams,

Scampi is a particular kind of meat that is usually extracted from shellfish, or crustaceans, especially the Norway lobster. Another popular crustacean that is used for making scampi is prawn or shrimps. The term ‘scampi’ is often construed as a

Linguine is a kind of noodle pasta, much like a cross of fettuccine and spaghetti – neither cylindrical not flat, but with a more elliptical cross-section. Although there are many ways of making linguine, it is usually served with –

Feast, Sheraton Grand Macao’s modern in-house restaurant, showcases a wide selection of Portuguese dishes, Macanese cuisines, and a huge assortment of popular Asian food. Dining at Feast is not only a gastronomic experience, but also one for all your senses to

It might always seem daunting making dishes that have more than three ingredients and require a grill or more effort than we’re used to, but when we caught up with Executive Chef V.Vijayakumar of Radisson Blu Resort Temple Bay as

Fish Pakora Recipe

We’ve tried out a fair variety of pakoras. From paneer and broccoli to bread and even some shrimp! But the fish pakora manages to trump most of them. Especially if you’re a fish lover. The recipe is unlike any other