Jess Gaber, A food artist who loves candy has come up with a series of dishes that look like food but is actually candy. Amazing isn’t it? He calls it ‘Candy Cuisine’ and boy are we excited about it. Chicken

We read somewhere that “New Year Resolutions are the To-Do lists for the first week of January”. And that’s probably true for most resolutions. But ‘food resolutions’ people, come on, it’s time we take those serious (well, not so serious)

Are you tired of diets that leave you feeling bloated even though you are starving? Are you tired of cutting down on everything that remotely gives you any joy? Well DASH may just be the answer for you. U.S News

Oh yes, all you have to do is think about that perfect Blueberry cheesecake and your insides melt, your heart swoons, your stomach starts to grumble, your mouth waters and your brain gets fuzzy. Where, oh, where, do you go

Everyone has a cookbook these days (except you and me), and to choose one from the thousands out there is daunting to say the least. We have come up with this list of cookbooks that we feel are essential for

The choice between the two comes down to a few milliseconds-a new study suggests. Researchers at Caltech decided to see how people would react to a choice between taste and health and got together 28 volunteers to do the same.

Who doesn’t love the good old Mac & Cheese? It’s our go-to dish on any good day. Now Foodbeast Labs has come up with an ingenious way to use Mac & Cheese to make delicious gorgeous looking Mac n Cheese

We have all been talking about eating healthy and eating right. And that’s great, but do we really know how many calories we unknowingly (or knowingly) ingest every day? These pictures will show you exactly what 200 calories look like

Cinnamon. Just the smell is enough to have you beaming. All you have to do is walk past a shop selling a cinnamon-something and you’re feet won’t listen to you anymore. So why head to the mall when you can

If you are a foodie and love cooking then this is the channel for you. Started by 27-year-old Jamie Spafford and three of his school friends – Barry Taylor, Mike Huttlestone, and Ben Ebbrell, this channel has now become highly

Ah, January. You’ve just finished Christmas, brought in the New Year and before you now it, your friend’s had a baby, your brother’s in college and your parents are taking a vacation. Okay, not all that might have happened at

There’s one place where the wine flows, the smoky smell from the grill and mom’s casserole fills the air, the dog wants something from the table, babies cry in the background, desserts are filled with music and there’s a little

As much as we would like to think that being vegetarian solves most issues about animal exploitation and so forth, it doesn’t. One such person happened who taught that way happened to be a friend of Roth Rind, who had

If you are not already following these amazing, mind-blowing, orgasmic (okay enough adjectives!) food blogs, then get on it as soon as you finish reading this post. These blogs, listed in no particular order, are unique in their depth, sheer

This year’s drawing to a close. And don’t you go telling me that you’ve never felt bad to reach the end of the burrito or the end of a chicken bucket. We’ve had some great food moments- some food-less ones

McDonald’s in Japan brings out the Pie a la mode The Japanese McDonalds’ have read your taste buds. They’ve seen you order the soft serve and they’ve seen you order the apple pie and slyly mix the two at your

There’s nothing better than to cozy up with a lovely cold dessert on winter nights. Here are some of the must-visit dessert places that serve desserts that melt in your mouth, tickle your insides and even create a warmth inside

Belg- Oh, so Yum.

Finally it’s happened. Amazing waffles are being served in the city at Belgyum in Phoenix Market City in Whitefield. I know what you’re thinking right now, “Whitefield? it’s just too far”. But trust me, it’s worth it. Think of the

Drink-some party-some Your holidays deserve drink, we agree. But not all of them have to be boozy. Try the occasional non-booze and you won’t be disappointed. We have the perfect pick of party drinks that guarantee a hangover-free morning. 1.

How would you like your eggs? In an effort to make things simpler, way simpler, supermarkets will now sell eggs that are boiled and ready to eat! The Happy Egg Company believes its hard-boiled free-range eggs are just the thing for