Mutton Pulao is a perfect dish for celebrating any occasion. Here is the recipe to prepare this awesome dish on

Chili paneer, chili chicken, or chili anything draws major inspiration from Chinese kitchen but the final result is something that can only be whipped up in India, under the desi chinese tab, which incorporates the best of Chinese flavours tossed

Ghee Pongal Recipe

Ghee pongal is the most simplest and easiest tradtional recipe in south india. I make this quite often atleast twice a month or thrice a month. If you plan to make pongal, it has to be served with coconut chutney and sambar.

Bocce Ball

If vodka and orange juice (aka the screwdriver) is your drink of choice, why not add a splash of amaretto and soda to elevate it? Print Recipe Bocce Ball Votes: 1 Rating: 4 You: Rate this recipe! Course Drinks Prep

Stranger Things not only brings us closer to the kids but also to Eleven who nails her part. We couldn’t help but relate to the child like demeanor in her when she steals Eggo Waffles from the store. Let’s make

Hyderabadi Style Mutton Biryani is a very famous food in all around the people. Learn how to make/prepare Hyderabadi Mutton Biryani by following this easy recipe on

Bhindi cooked in roasted besan and curry spices makes a mouth watering bhindi fry (okra fry). This simple, everyday curry of bhindi has dry and crispy texture and it is very easy to make and suitable to serve as main curry dish for lunch or dinner.

The cookie dough trend has been a ‘thing’ for quite some time now and has taken the Internet and our eating choices by storm. And it doesn’t look like the food item is going out of vogue anytime soon (thank

The Honey Deuce

This vodka-based cocktail is actually the official cocktail of the US Open! Try the Honey Deuce, courtesy of The Spruce for a sweet and refreshing drink! Print Recipe The Honey Deuce Votes: 1 Rating: 4 You: Rate this recipe! Course

The Queen took a flagon of sweet plum wine from a passing servant girl and filled Sansa’s cup. “Drink,” she commanded coldly. “Perhaps it will give you courage to deal with truth for a change.”  Game Of Thrones seems to

Chicken biryani recipe, the most delicious & flavorful dish that any one can make using this recipe with step by step instruction on is a delectable rice delight that is famous globally for its perfect balance of flavored spices mixed with chicken.

Beef Chukka Recipe

Beef chukka is a delicious dish with beef which is best when served along with steamed rice, chappathi, ghee rice. This is the very simplest and yet delicious beef preparation.

Pepper paneer is one of the simplest and fastest Indian dishes. I love making paneer and my little family love this a lot. It is one of my favorite thing to whip up for quick dinner.

Bun Maska Recipe

Simplicity is beautiful, they say. Can there be anything simpler than a couple buns smeared with generous amounts of butter along with a cup of piping hot tea? That is exactly what makes this recipe simple yet brilliant. Bun maska

Lemon Drop Shot

It’s the weekend, and sometimes you need something a bit faster working than a cocktail to get you to that happy high (the weekend goes by so fast anyhow)! Try this vodka-based lemon drop shot, courtesy of The Spruce for

Reveling in the charm of Maharashtra where Bhakri with ghee along with some chai is bliss and of course the super-spicy thecha served with every meal. That’s what the book Shantaram does to you. So make this traditional Bhakri along

Drumstic curry is one of the most simplest and easiest north indian curry made with drumsticks. This drumstick curry goes well with steamed rice or a rice based dish.

Flatbreads are a widely consumed staple in India. The category includes a number of flatbread varieties like roti (chapati), poori, naan, sheermal, paratha, and more. Parathas can be further divided into categories one of which is stuffed parathas. Stuffed parathas

Cooking with red wine adds richness to your favourite recipes. This delicious dish has a rich red wine sauce, which works wonderfully with the tender cuts of chicken. It’s ideal for sharing at dinner parties or a cosy night with family

Spaghetti is a delicious, easy to make and perfect for a dinner party kind of dish. Since it hits all spots, let’s indulge in some amazing spaghetti recipes to make on Spaghetti Day or any other day for that matter.