Turquoise Tonic

This delicious cocktail is just as gorgeous as it sounds! The Turquoise Tonic takes the quintessential g & t and injects it with a combination of flavor and colour. Gin lovers, you’ll rejoice at the notion of not being called

Cucumber Spritz

This refreshing cocktail is just perfect for a long, hot, lazy Sunday afternoon with friends that will keep you refreshed and buzzed. This vodka-based cocktail combines all of your favorite things along with ribbons of cucumber for some crunchy rejuvenation.

On the thanksgiving where they’re all late, Chandler decides to help out Monica and she makes him the in charge of the Cranberry Sauce. Or as he calls them ‘Chanberries’. Try out this recipe! Print Recipe FRIENDS Chandler’s Cranberry Sauce

1.Masala Dosa Recipe A South Indian delicacy that is now popular all over the world. It may take time but it’s completely worth it. 2.Ragi Dosa Recipe A fermented recipe of ragi or finger millet dosa made with ragi flour,

Onam sadhya is known for a number of traditional and tasty dishes! One of the most important parts of the sadhya is the payasam. So, here we have the perfect recipe to make an excellent semiya payasam for Onam!

Who needs an introduction for biryani? Unless, of course, you think vegetable pulao and vegetable biryani are the same (in which case you need therapy and treatment). But seriously, the Indian rice dish is known far and wide for its

Do you remember the teacher whose spectacles were always on the nose, or the one who used to talk as slow as a snail? Or maybe the one who rapped up the class to attention with their friendly demeanour and

We have to disagree with Sheldon a bit because we can’t have the delicious goodness of the BBQ Bacon Burger on the side. So here’s a recipe you guys would love to relish and if you’re even a little different

5th of September, the day every student tells their teacher, coach, guide how important and indispensable their presence in the students’ life is. And what better way to do so by gifting them a small token of gratitude? Yes, the

Job Favreau’s movie Chef is soon getting a Bollywood remake with Saif Ali Khan in the lead. So let’s celebrate with this delicious recipe from the original movie. Print Recipe Chef Mojo-Marinated Pork Shoulder Delicious Pork Recipe! Votes: 0 Rating:

The Lucknowi Mutton Biryani recipe or the Awabhi biryani recipeis also know as the “pulao” and is supposed to be a more refined version. It is also supposed to be quite delicate to the palate.It is prepared in a different way as compared to the other Biryanis prepared in the other states of India.

Macua Cocktail

Everyone knows that Mexico has the Margarita and Cuba has the Mojito, but did you know that Nicaragua also has a signature drink? It’s called the Macua. It was created by a pediatrician from Granada and is named after a

Elizabeth loves to eat and on her voyage in the movie her love for food only grows. One day however, she decides to stay put and make herself this delicious salad and savours it with a glass of red. So

For people who’ve fished through a fair amount of fast food around the globe, the poutine needs to introduction. For the uninitiated, poutine is a popular Canadian fast food preparation featuring golden-fried – or even baked – French fries topped

Gin Float

The Gin Float is the alcoholic ice cream float that tastes like it came straight out of our dreams. Coupled with the sweetness of Vanilla ice cream, and the smoothness of tonic water, gin actually tastes quite delicious in this

Everyone eats a different kind of potato on thanksgiving. At least, that’s what Monica learns about her friends as she cooks thanksgiving dinner for the first time. Though it burnt, we can’t stop thinking about golden, crispy tater tots the

Stroganoff is a Russian preparation made with meat chunks cooked in a creamy sauce and served with boiled egg noodles, pasta, boiled mashed potato, or breads. Usually made with beef, the stroganoff can also be made with lamb or even

Kung Pao sauce is such a popular and classic sauce that every chef has their own interpretation. It can be extra spicy, more savory, or syrupy. The version I like the most is the type that balances savory, sweet and spicy with a gentle numbing sensation and a little extra sour kick.

This popular mixed drink is so delicious and is so easy to make, that you may find the Sea Breeze quickly becoming your favorite cocktail fix. A spiked fruit punch with just a hint of tart citrus in the background the

Harry Potter never got sweets as a child, at least that was the case while living with the Dursleys. On his way to Hogwarts he buys plenty of new sweet treats for himself and shared them with Ron too. Here’s