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Love the cake batter doughnuts by Kripsy Kreme? Make a bunch of them by yourself at home with this awesome recipe! Print Recipe Krispy Kreme Copycat Cake Batter Doughnut Recipe Sumptuous Doughnuts For The Win! Votes: 0 Rating: 0 You:

Khandvi or dahivadi is the Gujarati equivalent of a roll up. The savory snack is mildly spiced and tempered with mustard seeds, coriander, and coconut. The end result is a platter stacked with heavenly rolled up snacks. The Indian snack is fairly

It’s Thursday (so, basically the fourth Monday of the week) which means that we’re now closer to the weekend then we are further from it (yay). If you’re looking for an easy to make nightcap that will push you to

Japanese Cocktail

Don’t let the name fool you, because this cocktail is made primarily with French ingredients. This cognac-based cocktail with its nutty profile was included in Jerry Thomas’ Bar-Tender’s Guide in 1862. Print Recipe Japanese Cocktail A classy cognac cocktail for any dinner

It’s the season to indulge in the golden pulp King of Fruits, a.k.a. mango, and it is also the season to load up on all that will cool our insides. One such food that gives us the best of both

Simple Samosa is a new cartoon where the producers have turned popular Indian snacks into cartoon characters. Needless to say, with food as the protagonists, the kids are sure to feel hungry. So let’s make this delicious samosa for kids

If you’re experiencing the most Monday-est Tuesday, and a beer just won’t cut it, why not try this Blushing Betty cocktail? Courtesy of Serious Eats, this bourbon delight only requires three simple ingredients and a few minutes of your time

Who doesn’t like some juicy succulent meaty kababs doused in an aromatic gravy made with a flavorsome blend of cream, butter, spice, and all things nice? Better still if the kebabs are also made from scratch! Here’s a delicious kabab

Baileys Martini

If you’re a fan of Baileys (honestly, who isn’t) and enjoy vodka then you will absolutely love this cocktail! The best part? It’s sinfully easy to whip up, and you can add your own variations to morph this martini into

Relish drool-worthy, Krispy Kreme style donuts at home with this easy recipe! Print Recipe Krispy Kreme Copycat Chocolate Glazed Doughnuts Recipe Mouth-Watering Doughnuts! Votes: 0 Rating: 0 You: Rate this recipe! Course Desserts Prep Time 1 hour Cook Time 20

Gujarat pays close attention to its snacks, and as a result, come teatime and we have a wide variety of farsan to pick from. Khaman dhokla is one such widely loved and savoured dish. A fluffy baked sponge of gram

Now that you’ve picked and voted for your favorite kind of khichdi, let’s see how some other variants like sabudana khichdi, oats khichdi, etc are made. Here are seven delicious khichdi recipes to whip up on nights you crave a

Getting the gang together this Sunday? Why not whip up a batch of Mango Mint Iced Tea cocktails. This vodka-based drink, courtesy of Awesome Cuisine, is possibly the coolest way to drink tea! Print Recipe Mango Mint Iced Tea The

The biggest craze on the show We Bare Bears is food and we don’t recall any episode without some character munching on their favourites. In the episode, ‘Panda’s Art’ Charlie is chomping down on cheese puffs which he apparently stores

The humble Veg Tikki has always been a favorite, no matter how old we are. These friend muchies are associated with late teas and rainy days, filling our tummies whenever we needed a quick bite. Whether bought hot and steaming

Here’s another all-time gem out of the old Gujarati recipe book. True to the basic definition of an India ‘kadhi’ (with the exception of Sindhi kadhi), the Gujarati Kadhi too features a thick curd and gram flour gravy spiked with

This Mango Tango cocktail courtesy of Genius Kitchen is giving us some serious #weekendvibes. While the recipe originally calls for Finlandia Mango Vodka you can use any mango flavored vodka to whip this drink up. Spoiler alert: it’s fruit and

Masala fish fry is an absolute must try if you are a fish lover! Flavorful, spicy, tangy and absolutely delicious; it is an easy to make dish in which fish fillets are coated with spicy masala and then fried until

Chana masala along with bhatura, naan and even pao is one of the favorite Indian street foods and is savored in almost every household. The spicy and tangy dish is a perfect delectable balance of taste and flavor. Though it

Indian prawn masala is one of the most enjoyed and sought-after recipe that does not take much time to prepare. Using easily available spices, it is a hot and tangy dish one can enjoy at family gatherings or parties with